SYNK a Chatting Platform for Teens & Young Adults by Kelsie Tillage

“There’s politeness in being willing to know and hear others.”
– Michelle Obama

What makes us human is our mind, the sheer power of thought. When mindful ones achieve great heights in the life of success, similarly ones who don’t are on the other side, it can be devastating. Mental health issues are growing now more than ever, not just in some parts of the world but all over. Today, physical health is not enough; mental health deserves equal attention.

SYNK is an option! A forum-based platform for teens & young adults to share and connect with like-minded individuals. What’s the inspiration for this idea? What is it that moves Kelsie?”For me, I love writing about my passions, interests, what interests’ others, and I want a space where I could feel comfortable sharing my thoughts and freedom for others as well. SYNK is genuinely my little passion project, gaining more and more traction each day.I hope you enjoy browsing my site and all of the unique content I have to offer. Take a look around; perhaps you’ll discover what moves you as well. Read on and enjoy!” Said Kelsie, the creator of SYNK

What is SYNK?

Kelsie has studied mental health awareness and has a keen interest in the subject. It’s a forum-based platform to share ideas and thoughts, especially teens and young adults. A member could join the space online for free. Also, members can share or learn from each other.

Here they can “Connect” and form “Circles” to chat about topics and broad discussions. Content is diverse from articles about self-care, life skills, and other fun topics. Writers will have an opportunity to do a guest post. Professional resources for mental health are shared as well.

In difficult times, mental stability is a challenge. We need to help each other more than ever, and SYNK is little help on this path. Kelsie’s effort is appreciated.

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