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Naomi Stockman of MY LOCAL HYPNOSIS felt frustrated with the lack of support available to people suffering mental health disorders and says “Psychology, Counselling and Psychiatry just don’t solve these debilitating conditions, and it’s time people knew the truth; they don’t have to struggle forever – there is a solution”.

Naomi’s passion for mental health comes from her personal experiences, overcoming serious hardships and finally, losing her sister in 2018 to long standing mental health issues.

“I spent decades studying personal development for my own interest and personal well being,” says Naomi, “however it wasn’t until I lost my sister that I got really fired up to find a way to stop other families losing loved ones. I watched my sister battle anxiety for 30 years and no one helped her, not the counsellors, psychiatrists, psychologists, or hospitals. They all focused on the symptoms, not the cause.”

Naomi is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Trauma Therapist and Medical Nutritionist who has explored just about every alternative modality of healing available. “If I see a training course, a program, a webinar or a book on Anxiety, Depression, Addiction, Eating Disorders or PTSD – I buy it. Because I want to learn EVERYTHING that’s available,” says Naomi. “The honest truth is, most of the stuff out there either doesn’t work, or is focused around ‘living with’ not resolving the underlying cause. I built this program, by learning as much as I could, testing it all out on myself and my clients, then putting what worked together into one 6 week delivery.”

With ambitions to delivery her program globally so it is available to everyone with anxiety, depression or PTSD, it is evident that Naomi believes in what she does.

“Having worked with hundreds of clients one to one, I realised the only way I could really make an impact was to create a program which could help more people in more locations,” said Naomi.

Naomi and Tracy, the program support co-ordinator, deliver the OVERCOME ANXIETY & DEPRESSION program 4 times a year.

“The best thing about my job is witnessing the absolutely incredible transformations,” says Tracy. “Their whole face and posture changes, it’s something you really have to see. When we start with someone who sees no purpose in going on with life, and by the end of the program they are laughing with joy, enthusiasm and excitement for the future – that’s special and I’m honoured to be a part of it.”

With Anxiety & Depression affecting around 20% of the population and children as young as 5 being medicated, there really is a need for effective treatments.

My Local Hypnosis delivers just that and enables anyone who is ready to recover, the opportunity to connect and learn more about how they can benefit. Currently programs are only offered to women, however there are plans to launch a men’s program and a teens program in the next twelve months.

“We’re hoping to help a lot of people world wide. The biggest challenge to date has been the marketing and how to spread the message.” Naomi explains, “I had to drop everything I am passionate about and spend my time learning how to create ads and run webinars in an attempt to reach the people who need this – unfortunately marketing comes at a cost, and it pushes up the price I can offer the program for. It’s a lose/lose situation that I’m working on solving.”

Overcome Anxiety and Depression without years of therapy is a very unique program and unlike many others which claim to help anxiety sufferers, the program delivered by My Local Hypnosis doesn’t involve CBT or DBT which Naomi says are “slow and can take years to get limited results because they work from the conscious mind, and anxiety isn’t a conscious process”.

The goal is to help people switch off dysregulated nervous system response and prevent stress hormones from being flooded into the system at inappropriate times as well as shutting off invasive negative thoughts, emotional hijacking and triggers so that calm, happiness and joy can be experienced, and, according to the video testimonials from many past participants, this goal is being achieved.

The entire delivery is online, the content is structured in an easy to navigate step by step process and supported with hours of face-to-face sessions online sessions. “Rather than simply offering online content, we want to ensure that we focus on a personalised one-to-one experience, so each person gets the care and attention they need,” said Naomi.

“Now that we’ve delivered the program for over a year, we are ready to scale up.”

Mental health is the real global pandemic and costs the economy an estimated $1 trillion a year in lost productivity. While this may be the big picture, it is the individual who can benefit from looking after their mental and emotional health.

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