Sweet Potato Hot Pot Wide Glass Noodles Is Deeply Loved by Overseas Consumers

Anhui Three Brothers Potato Industry Co., Ltd. (Jiaxing Ruisheng International Trade Co., Ltd.)’s sweet potato hotpot wide glass noodles, in addition to being sold in large supermarkets in China, is very popular among consumers. It is also gradually exported to foreign markets, and is increasingly favored by consumers. Beginning in October 2021, the products have newly entered Canada, Germany, Singapore, and Australia, and have received good responses in the market. In January 2022, another repurchase order was obtained.

It is made of pure sweet potato starch. Wide, with toughness, flexible, soft and slippery in the mouth. No chemical additives and harmful elements are added. Healthy nutrition, low calorie. Suitable for collocation of various ingredients and can be made into a variety of different cuisines. Compared with fine vermicelli, it is more chewy. It won’t be overcooked in a short time, so it is more attractive for super foodies.

Our wide vermicelli uses a special process, so it is very thin. After being cooked in a hot pot, it is very soft and can quickly absorb the soup leaves of the hot pot. It is a perfect hot pot main ingredient. Adhering to the strict control of product quality is our constant pursuit.

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