“Surviving Stage 3 Breast Cancer for 20 Years” – Beth’s Book Launched at the Beginning of February 2022

When the lights in the cinema begin to dim, you know it’s time for the trailer and grand launch. This trailer and launch however don’t exist simply in the film industry. They’re common in many artistic initiatives and book launches. In fact, Beth Gardner is kickstarting a grand launch for “One Rowing Stroke at a Time – Surviving Stage 3 Breast Cancer for 20 Years.” This book is reassuring, practical, and instructive. It offers unique ideas and practices to assist you on your recovery path.

Feeling out to sea without a paddle? Or a stranger in a strange land? This book will help you combat cancer and utter hopelessness. “I didn’t know where to draw the boundary between spiritual conviction and scientific evidence. But I knew one thing for sure: I believed in believing for the sake of hope. What other option was there except to believe in? The face of complete pessimism, ignoring every piece of evidence to the contrary, and ignoring evident disaster? It’s something we do every day, I realized. We are far more powerful than we can comprehend, and belief is one of the most heroic and long-lasting human attributes. To believe when we humans have known all along that nothing can heal the brevity of our existence, that there is no treatment for our inherent mortality, is a type of fortitude.

“The most important thing, I thought, was to keep believing in yourself, in the physicians, in the treatment, and in anything I choose to believe in. It has to be that way. And this is what I wrote in my book.” – Beth Gardner Considering the curtains of Beth’s happy on-screen persona, her life had been a bumpy ride throughout cancer. Finally, however, she managed to get rid of the numbness, hopelessness, and dread of being beaten by cancer. So fasten your seatbelts and get yourself ready for the grand launch of “One Rowing Stroke at a Time – Surviving Stage 3 Breast Cancer for 20 Years.” Be on the lookout for Beth’s book launched at the beginning of February 2022! 

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