Survey Research Shows Who Would Hungarians Like to Win the 2022 Elections


Scope of research

The research was targeted to a broad audience in Hungary between 21 and 65 years old. Respondent was asked a question about who they would like to win the 2022 election.

3 answers were offered, which were in random order:

  • Viktor Orban, the current prime minister
  • Peter Marki-Zay, candidate of the united opposition
  • Someone else

Key research results:

  • Over 49% of respondents would be happy for someone else instead of Viktor Orban or Márki-Zay
  • 35.4% of respondents would like to continue having Viktor Orban as prime minister in the future
  • 15% would vote for the opposition leader Márki-Zay Peter
  • Viktor Orban is the most popular in Budapest, the capital of Hungary
  • Márki-Zay Peter is most popular with low-income, low-education segments

Research summary

  • Respondents: 2,000
  • Completed on 11/12/2021

Disclaimer: The research was not sponsored by any public or political organization.

Open the below interactive dashboard to access all data.

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