Suretech Company Limited and Tencent Holdings Limited Announce Joint Beta Testing Letter of Intent.

“This is another step towards our goal of unified global protocols for the Quantum Cyber Security sector.” Said Henry Wao, lead engineer at Suretech’s labs within the USTC campus.

“Tencent has been working with USTC and its many departments for several years. It was important for us to continue this legacy and for our company to expand its partnerships both locally and internationally. By working with Tencent and its global partners, Suretech ensures that its technology is at the forefront of this growing industry.” He continued.

The LOI gives Tencent Holdings Limited’s Quantum divisions direct access to both the proprietary technology and code of Suretech, whilst also bringing Suretech into the fold of the group of companies currently working around the globe, in unison, to remain a step ahead of quantum technology and thereby ensure security and encryption services as the industry develops by maintaining a universal set of protocols.

“If we look back, this is just like when Bluetooth and Wifi protocols were being established. Leading entities within the field came together and instituted global protocols which ensured continuity and development of the said technologies for everyone.” Mr. Wao concluded.

About Suretech Company Limited:

Suretech Company’s team of scientists is leading the way in the development of quantum computing security in Asia. Their goal is to be the predominant quantum computing security company within the next 3 years. By bringing together the University of Science and Technology of China’s inspired work by Jian-Wei Pan and his team, specifically collaborations between Synergetic Innovation Center of Quantum Information, National High Performance Computing Center & CAS Key Laboratory of Quantum Information, Suretech Company is positioned to advance Quantum Security protocols in Asia and beyond and will play a significant part in the Open Source development of quantum security products, ensuring seamless integration with global standardization of this near future platform and technology.

About University of Science and Technology of China:

The University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) is a prominent university in China

 and enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide. It was established by the Chinese Academy of

Sciences (CAS) in 1958 in Beijing, as a strategic action by the Chinese government, to meet

China’s science and technology needs and increases the country’s international competitiveness. CAS integrated its resources with USTC, with the aim of educating top talent in cutting-edge, interdisciplinary science and technology. The establishment of USTC was hailed as “a great event in the history of education and science of China”. In 1970, USTC moved to its current location in Hefei, the capital of Anhui Province.

About Tencent Holdings Limited:

Tencent is a world-leading internet and technology company that develops innovative products and services to improve the quality of life of people around the world.

Founded in 1998 with its headquarters in Shenzhen, China, Tencent’s guiding principle is to use technology for good. Our communication and social services connect more than one billion people around the world, helping them to keep in touch with friends and family, access transportation, pay for daily necessities, and even be entertained.

Tencent also offers a range of services such as cloud computing, advertising, FinTech, and other enterprise services to support our clients’ digital transformation and business growth.

Tencent has been listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong since 2004.

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