Summer 2022 Backyard Trends for Homeowners to Keep in Mind!

There’s still plenty of summer left, so it’s time to upgrade your backyard with one of these growing trends!

Gresham, OR — (ReleaseWire) — 07/29/2022 — This summer’s heat wave has been treacherous for most of the country, and it’s looking like August and September will only continue these scorching temperatures. This type of extreme heat is causing people everywhere to stay at home, and it’s also leading to many backyard renovations to help families stay more comfortable in the heat and obtain more privacy from their neighbors.

It’s always relatively easy to do a quick Google search like deck contractors near me and then pick your top option, but there’s so much that homeowners can do on their own to better understand what type of backyard investment is right for them.

Below are a handful of backyard privacy trends to keep in mind that are growing in popularity throughout Summer 2022:

Building A Classic, Wooden Fence
Wooden fences are of course popular all throughout the United States, and wooden fence installations are continuing to grow in popularity this summer as lumber prices have finally normalized and families are looking for an extra bit of privacy.

Wood is an affordable fencing material for a lot of households on a budget, and many fencing companies specialize in these types of installations. So even when a family isn’t trying to break the bank, they can still turn to a classic type of fence to get the job done!

Chain-Link Fences
Chain-link fences are also another classic fence material that’s doing well in 2022, and this is partly due to the increases in backyard play areas.

Because although many homeowners are generally looking for more privacy, there are many backyard areas that need to be easily monitored to keep up with kids and pets!

Composite & Vinyl Fencing
Composite fences are essentially made of recycled wood and plastic, and these fences are trending in 2022 due to their eco-friendliness. Property owners everywhere are figuring out ways to cut down on their carbon footprints, which is why composite fencing is skyrocketing in sales!

Vinyl is another popular fencing material that’s incredibly strong and flexible, and it’s trending this summer due to being a low-maintenance option that’s also easy to clean.

Vertical Gardens
Another type of living fence that homeowners are turning to is a vertical garden, which entail rows upon rows of potted plants hanging up on strings that are supported by large beams.

This type of fencing not only provides privacy, but it’s also a lot of fun! So all the plant lovers out there are turning to this trend to create a natural-looking privacy fence while also growing beautiful creations!

Modern, Corrugated Metal Fences
Corrugated metal has been a popular fencing option within the marketplace for years, but now droughts and extremely dry conditions are causing people to reconsider their lawns and other backyard features.

What’s great about metal fences is that they’ll last a very long time and require little to no maintenance, and their modern aesthetics and functionality will surely provide stylish privacy for years to come.

As More Families Stay At Home, The Residential Privacy Sector Will Continue To Grow

This summer has been a unique time for fencing companies and deck contractors, because it has become clear that rising gas prices and other economic constraints are causing families to stay at home and invest in their properties.

So as families continue to stay at home more often due to economic constraints, it’s safe to say that residential privacy and backyard remodeling businesses will also continue to thrive!

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