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A reliable Artist Management Service so Artists don’t fall prey to industry predators, Subtle Insight Entertainment manages the Globally renowned R&B/Hip Hop Artist Shawn Tuck

Riverside, California – Talent Reaching the Right Audience with Subtle Insight Entertainment.

Shawn Tuck is a R&B/ Hip Hop Artist managed by Subtle Insight Entertainment. Beat Melodies, Vehement Lyrics are at the core of Shawn’s music. The artist likes to take a route of Avant-garde music, exploring all the ideas in music. He prefers mixing and matching, trying different combinations of music to bring out a completely new product from a mix of genres. He is working on his new single ‘My Vibe Song’ which will be released later this year.

Shawn’s journey started back when music was a pastime with his friends. He was a standout on his high school football team. Along with other aspirations, he shared a feverish passion for music, casually creating songs. His spontaneity of writing lyrics was exceptional. He along with his group of friends would freestyle, write raps about things they knew and use vivid storytelling to paint pictures. Soon Shawn realised it was much more than a casual pastime with friends. He recognized his talent. He had an easy time writing lyrics and melodies, and the positive reaction motivated him to buy a microphone and obtain instrumentals from multiple sites in order to record songs. He was appreciated by other artists who began approaching him with requests for collaborations.

Shawn’s talent caught the eye of his uncle, Harley Curtis III, who knew he was a performer and deserved to be heard by the masses. His uncle knew Shawn had it in him to be Globally renowned for his exceptional singing, songwriting and rapping. Shawn’s strengths were put to exercise their full potential and through the help of his uncle, he started performing at various venues and saw his fan base increase. He also began to gain more confidence and saw a shift in his style. His raps were intertwined with melodies. He began to sing his verses rather than rap them. Shawn understood he could use the exact words he would typically rap but do it in a more melodic style while infusing his rhymes with hooks and harmonies. And that is how Shawn transformed into an R&B with a Hip Hop feel. He released a mix tape “Product of My Environment” in 2019.

Subtle Insight Entertainment is owned by Henry Jones III, a cousin of Shawn Tuck. Subtle Insight Entertainment is a full-service entertainment company specialising in film/video production and artist management. Shawn was brought home to Subtle Insight Entertainment by social media, where Henry heard one of Shawn’s productions. Henry wanted to give Shawn some advice, so he reached out to him. Mr. Jones has previously managed solo acts and groups, and a couple of his talents had been signed to indie labels. He wanted to make sure Shawn didn’t fall prey to industry predators wanting to make a fortune off of other people’s skill while paying artists very little. Mr. Jones pushed Shawn to engage with producers that could compose music specifically for him while still allowing him to be creative. Mr. Jones introduced Shawn to James Benson’s Phataztrax. Mr. Benson is a multi-faceted producer with whom Mr. Jones has collaborated for many years. He is also directing and producing Shawn’s upcoming video for his single ‘My Vibe Song’ set to be shot in July 2022.

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