Studypaq Storms the Industry With an Edtech Product With a Difference

Sunnyvale, CA – April 8, 2022 – Even before the onslaught of COVID-19, there was an upswing in the adoption of online education and a high growth in the usage of edtech products. The pandemic only served to ramp up its adoption by several degrees in a short time. Specialists believe that this model is here to stay and even after all educational institutions reopen, traditional classroom teaching and e-learning will go together in a new hybrid model.

While this shift has impacted the entire educational sector globally, there is still a dearth of quality tools and software for online learning and virtual tutoring. Different students have different rates of absorbing and retaining knowledge, whereas many online classrooms come with fixed timetables. Moreover, in many cases, the feedback system is not optimally developed, so students are left groping for answers before they are provided. 

Studypaq, a new entrant in the edtech space, has been specifically created to fill this gap for college students in the USA and Canada. It aims to mitigate the challenge by positioning itself as a product that focuses on learning at one’s own pace using only reliable resources. Simultaneously, there is a lot of emphasis on asking questions and seeking answers.

Studypaq attempts to create and provide only reliable and informative study content that would stress upon critical thinking, knowledge assimilation and problem solving by the students themselves.

Therefore, it provides trusted and curated study resources that focus on independent learning. It lays considerable importance on the student’s learning – the traditional way of gathering knowledge – and applying it as required for assignments and examinations.

Studypaq’s key areas of differentiation are 1) Course ontologies with concepts and fundamentals that come with tags to enable easier learning and 2) Automated personalized practice assessments to help students apply and test their learnings to gain confidence.

Studypaq, through advanced methods, will enable students to delve deeper into their subject, learn from an experienced and vetted source, and thereafter use the knowledge for their course.

It receives study materials directly from real-time students and publishers, screens them for quality, accuracy, copyright issues using proprietary algorithms, and then makes them ready and accessible to students through 2 models – Give-to-get or Paid subscription.

Studypaq was started less than 12 months ago and designed specifically to address the ‘Digital Study Help & Online Tutoring’ requirement for college students. Says Dhruv Sampat, Founder, Studypaq, an edtech veteran who has worked with several leading companies in the USA, “There are 3 distinct pillars on which our product rests. Enriched study materials. Resources to question. Short practice quizzes.” It was done to devise a product that would holistically cover all concerns that a student may have while learning on his/her own.

While the current offering is for business, science and technology students in the USA and Canada, Studypaq has short-term plans to expand to include more courses in other disciplines.

“Over time, I would like to see Studypaq available across countries and easily accessible to a student wherever he/she may be studying,” signs off Dhruv.

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