STRV Labs Announces Scavenger Land: A Space Western NFT Game

Co-Founders of STRV, Martin Stava and Pavel Zeifart, have built a new project under STRV Labs that is currently making waves on Discord and Twitter. The project is a space western multiplayer tactical game inspired by the NFT world, called Scavenger Land.

LOS ANGELES, CA – STRV Labs, a division of STRV, a leading global software design & engineering team, is about to release its newest project in the NFT space.

Founded by two STRV co-founders, Martin Stava (CTO) and Pavel Zeifart (Creative Director), the team is currently producing a brand new web-based and deeply immersive game with sustainable tokenomics being a priority. The game is called Scavenger Land. 

Scavenger Land is a space western multiplayer tactical game inspired by the NFT world that’s mission is to create a first-class citizen in this competitive space.

The game is currently in the development phase and is fully enabled by blockchain technology. Stava and Zeifart have built on Polygon, a scaling solution on top of Ethereum’s blockchain. This idea is that there will be fast and cheap transactions while staying amongst the community. 

Scavenger Land will be released component by component, such as introducing characters, accessories, levels, etc., and fosters a gaming community, where users’ feedback is embedded in the development process. 

Additionally, the gameplay is designed around collectible items, all of which are registered as non-fungible tokens owned and openly traded by the players.

The STRV Labs team is focused on building the community around the game and preparing the first presale round for the Genesis Drop.

You can find what The Genesis Drop includes here.

The presale is expected to be released in Q2 of 2022. You can follow the project on on Discord and Twitter.

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About STRV

Founded in 2004, STRV is a software design and engineering team centered around building digital products for partners ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. With over 190 carefully selected employees, the talent pool is skilled in delivering carefully crafted software solutions to their clients. 

STRV prides itself in proving that transparency, empathy, and passion can become a long-term competitive advantage in a world where misleading clients for short-term commercial gain has become the standard business process.

STRV has delivered solutions for companies like ClassDojo, Microsoft, Barry’s Bootcamp, The Athletic, and many others. STRV’s vision has always been honest and straightforward because they aim to do the best work for their clients. 

Some notable points about STRV include: 

STRV stands in the Top 5 top software companies in California and is in the Top 1% of global technology companies, according to Clutch. Their clients have raised over $12 billion in funding, and the company is overall rated highly for company culture and positive work environment on Glassdoor with a 4.9-star rating. Finally, STRV received the Financial Times 1000 award for the Top 20 fastest-growing companies in Europe. 

Martin Stava, co-creator of Scavenger Land, has launched several successful STRV Labs products, such as dating apps Zoe and Surge and the mobile game Dot to Dot. The two dating apps have millions of users and a positive social impact on the LGBTQ+ community.

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