Streamline Reporting During (And After) Your Deltek Vision to Vantagepoint Transition

Deltek Vantagepoint is the newly branded, freshly reimagined next version of Deltek Vision built specifically for professional services organizations. Deltek has set a rough deadline for Vision customers to upgrade to Vantagepoint. While this date may be delayed based on rate of adoption, many Deltek users have either already upgraded or are starting to consider the impact of the change, and how to best approach it.

What is Vantagepoint?

Vantagepoint has been developed to give Vision customers a fully compatible upgrade path and help both existing and new customers manage the entire project lifecycle better than ever before.

At a base level, Vantagepoint is a UI upgrade, with the majority of Vision’s back-end architecture remaining intact. With Vantagepoint, current Vision customers keep everything they’ve always loved about Vision, packaged in an intuitive new interface that increases accessibility for all users, both inside and outside of financial types.

What challenges might the upgrade pose for Deltek customers?

There is a significant investment involved any time a company changes from one software product to another — especially if you’re migrating to a completely new platform.

It’s important to understand that the architecture and database structure of Vantagepoint is very similar to Vision. Data migration isn’t required, but some conversions will be necessary to accommodate functional changes.

Any time you’re looking at upgrading to a new software platform, you must replicate your customizations in the new ERP system. If a custom report references a portion of the database schema that changed within Vantagepoint, that custom report will need to be reviewed and updated appropriately. If you customized any information centers, it may take some time to align your legacy data with your new Vantagepoint system.

Another consideration is that your whole organization will have to learn an entirely new way of interacting with the ERP. Training users to understand new technology is key to a smooth transition, but it could cause a lag in your reporting capabilities as employees figure out the new platform and processes.

How can insightsoftware help?

Leveraging the power of Excel, Spreadsheet Server connects with real-time data from your Deltek ERP to meet your financial and operational reporting needs. Bridge the gap between your information and insightful reports, save time, drill down on information, and streamline processes in a secure environment.

An experienced partner you can trust: insightsoftware is a Deltek preferred partner which affords us access to both versions of the ERP. We have years of experience working in the Deltek environment and will use this to quickly get your reporting back on track.

Data cleanup: many organizations realize only after an ERP migration just how much low quality or frequently duplicated data was in their legacy system. With Spreadsheet Server, you can quickly and easily identify these issues before migrating your data. This will save you time while reducing external consultant costs.

Bring your legacy data across: Spreadsheet Servers allows you to report on older data without worrying about the added expense of license fees for maintaining your legacy ERP.

Simplify and accelerate data validation: Spreadsheet Server is a multi-source reporting solution, making it the optimal choice for data validation. Proactively assess, identify, research, and resolve data quality issues in Vision before moving them over to Vantagepoint. Fixing data quality issues is a breeze when you can pull data from Vision and Vantagepoint into a single report to compare them side-by-side and drill down into either system to quickly investigate and fix issues. Save time and money by reducing the need to rely on over-taxed IT departments or external consultants.

Flexibility: Spreadsheet Server grants you the ultimate in flexibility for handling your Vision and Vantagepoint data. Even with likely changes to your chart of account or account codes due to structural differences between ERPs, with Spreadsheet Server you won’t miss a beat. That’s because Spreadsheet Server reads those structures and handles all the complexity for you, all the way down to providing an intuitive formula builder that enables you to create and add equivalent items side-by-side.

Hit the ground running: Eliminate the post-upgrade reporting lag and training costs with our suite of pre-built report templates in Spreadsheet Server. A library of pre-built, turnkey content makes reporting across all Deltek modules fast and effortless. Empower business users to build the reports they need in minutes with the Excel skills they already have

Hear from our Spreadsheet customers:

“Spreadsheet Server solved some of our biggest data challenges by simplifying the reporting process and bringing everything together in one place. Our stakeholders now have full confidence in the data they are using, as they now have one source of truth.” – Kris Morton, CIO, BSK Associates (Engineering)

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“It’s not just the huge amount of time that is saved; it’s also the sheer amount of information that’s available at the click of a button.” Brian Meyers, Financial Controller, ARCO National Construction​ (Construction)

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