Stay Safe While Swiping Right: FaceCheck.ID Adds 120k Romance Swindlers’ Photos to Its Database


FaceCheck.ID, a popular reverse image search engine, just added more than 120 thousand photos that scammers use to trick people into falling in love with them. Now, people can use FaceCheck.ID to check out their potential dates and make sure they’re not being catfished. It’s become the go-to tool for online daters who want to stay safe and avoid getting scammed.

Nowadays, many singles use dating apps and websites to find love. However, online romance scams have become a major issue. Scammers create bogus profiles to trick people into relationships and then manipulate them emotionally to extract money, taking advantage of their empathy and creating urgency. This causes victims to lose millions of dollars every year.

Facial recognition technology is being used to fight back against online swindlers. FaceCheck.ID can compare a potential date’s profile picture with a database of known scammers to quickly and accurately uncover individuals who may be using false identities.

“We’re committed to making online dating safer for everyone,” said Lee Chong, president of FaceCheck.ID. “As online dating has become mainstream, we recognized the need for a service that can help users identify potential scammers. That’s why we developed FaceCheck.ID and continue to update our database of romance scammers’ photos from many sources to ensure our users can search against the latest scammer reports.”

Ever since it was launched, FaceCheck.ID has become a go-to tool for online daters, receiving great feedback for being very useful. This service helps users make facial recognition searches, helping them identify any potential romance scammers, registered offenders, or predators.

Chong is proud of the success of FaceCheck.ID and said, “We’re thrilled to see how many people have adopted FaceCheck.ID as their go-to resource. We believe that everyone should be able to access FaceCheck.ID’s reverse image search engine and have a safe and enjoyable dating experience. We’re committed to making that possible for as many people as we can.”

FaceCheck’s new romance scammer-busting feature is now available and can be accessed by all users.

For more information please visit the website at FaceCheck.ID

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