Stay Opened to the Sacred Feminine Source With the Best Femininity Coach Abir Malaeb

Open yourself to the sacred feminine source with the best femininity coach Abir Malaeb
Are you craving for a gentle way to connect with yourself? Feeling tired of trying to be radiant in ways that don’t speak to your heart? Do you want to feel connected with your feminine energy? Abir Malaeb, one of the best femininity coaches based in Istanbul, is your host and guide in your journey on the sacred feminine path.

Walk into every room feeling like hot with femininity coaching that helps you nail your signature style, cultivate poise and honor your own version of femininity … So that you can finally stop playing small and start carving out space for the opportunities, time, respect and self-love you desire.

“Imagine moving to a new planet whose customs you are only very vaguely familiar with, where you were given a closet full of unfamiliar clothes and even more unfamiliar chemicals to put on your body. The only thing you had to guide you was a picture of ‘a woman’,” Abir Malaeb.

Abir Malaeb is a Lebanese health and wellness coach, personal trainer, strength and conditioning specialist, holistic and health researcher and a “femininity coach” based in Istanbul. Abir has dedicated her entire life for the sake of her life career which is considered as an intrinsic part of her personality. Recently, she decided to delve in the world of femininity coaching, and she was able to prove herself in this world just as she did before in other domains.

Abir Malaeb said, “Living a masculine driven life disconnected us from the feminine sacred source, leaving us depleted, confused and unhappy.” She added then, “Give yourself the gift of joy, passion and new-found meaning by reclaiming your feminine essence! Attract everything that you desire with easiness, grace and fluidity.”

Feminine Coaching is a holistic form of therapy that taps into the incredible wisdom of the body and listens to what the body needs to heal. Feminine Coaching is a way to liberate all the stuck, stored thoughts, memories and emotions, and access to all the wisdom within us at the same time. Abir said, “Your body knows exactly what to do. All you need to do is listen to your body, feel it and welcome all the feelings and sensations.” Abir is passionate about assisting women to find their own way through and to find peace with unresolved issues in their lives. Often fear and insecurities arise during these transitions that are linked to childhood. These fears hold them back and prevent them from stepping forward confidently into the next phase of their lives. By exploring body’s wisdom, a woman access accumulated unresolved physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual pain. She releases it by feeling it fully and accepting it as part of her. This way, she liberates those old beliefs and patterns that kept her stuck.

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