Staffing Platform Provide Relief for Businesses in Trying Times

Many businesses could barely keep their doors open during the last two years, and many went under altogether. Now they’re facing another wave of challenges even as their sales begin to rise and life gets somewhat back to normal. The great resignation is merging with a similarly troubling trend. Employees are taking jobs just to quit shortly after, something that can be devastating for small businesses. Corporations can often absorb the time and money they invest in training someone, even when they leave shortly after being hired. A small business, however, cannot. Some SMB’s are finding relief through the assistance of staffing platforms.

Many hoped that the labor shortage would ease just as the pandemic seems to have finally done. Unfortunately, experts suggest that labor shortages and staffing problems may last well into the year. Recruiting agencies provide a solution to the problem that works for both small businesses and large businesses alike.

Hiring new employees can be a daunting process. There are thousands of places to post job listings, and everyone has a different take on which version is the most successful. Aftermaking a traditional job posting, there is a flood of applications, questions, and spam to deal with. Even when the pile is sorted down to semi-qualified applicants, the process can be daunting. Unless a dedicated team member handles this, it will take the time desperately needed to keep the business running. When every shift counts even a couple hours, conducting interviews can be too much for a business to bear. The company’s overall productivity will inevitably go down while someone is dealing with all the hiring details.

Even after someone is hired, it can take months of training to make them into a proficient team member. With staffing platforms, the available employees almost always have some experience in whatever industry the business is in.

The overall process can take weeks, if not longer. That is just one of the reasons small businesses are turning to the option of working with a recruitment agency or staffing agency to find new employees. Recruitment agencies do the first step of the process and handle the hard work. They provide businesses with a connection to skilled labor who have already been through an application process and vetting to ensure they are qualified.

“Business owners are looking for employees that can fill a vacancy right now. They’re having trouble keeping up with orders and production. Staffing services give them an option that lets them have someone when they need them.” Said a spokesperson from on-demand staffing platform Upshift

These platforms also offer hourly temporary services later converted into full-time employees. For those businesses that are desperate and need staffing solutions right now, staffing agencies can be the answer that helps keep their doors open.

About Upshift Atlanta

Upshift is an employment staffing platform in Atlanta, Georgia. They work with employees who have skills in some of the most demanding industries. Those industries include hospitality, foodservices, manufacturing, events, and even fulfillment and distribution. Only a small percentage of applicants make it through their vetting process and they are backed by and owner Recruit Holdings.

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