St Louis Residents to Find Flexible Job Offers via Upshift

Upshift, a staffing platform, has launched a proprietary platform that now enables residents of St. Louis, Missouri, who are looking for a job based on personal terms to apply to a wide variety of flexible advertisedpositions. The provision aims to address the unemployment problem plaguing the city. Statistics indicate the number of unemployed residents in St. Louis to be 12,114, with the unemployment rate pegged at 7%, according to the city’s personnel department.

Understanding this concern, Upshifthas expanded its recruitment services to residents in the area to improve work-life balance. People who have been out of the employment market due to the pandemic now have a ray of hope to re-join the workforce. Included in the hiring pool are working moms, students, former entrepreneurs and professionals, who can only take certain jobs. The flexible recruitment platform helps such people combine work with other personal priorities and interests, as desired.

β€œWe see this initiative as a practical solution to improve the unemployment situation in St. Louis. People are free to apply to job offers of interest without being limited to schedule. This initiative will provide a much-needed impetus to the job market,” says a spokesperson for the company. Upshift offers a full-featured application for users to view, review, and apply to part-time and full-time job offers that match individual skills and preferences.

In addition, Upshifters can create and develop profiles, interact with employers, and receive earnings daily or every Friday. However, the hiring process is stringent to ensure quality matches for companies. Applications are shortlisted and only 12% of candidates are offered full provisions after rigorous test and reference verification. Once approved, job seekers can apply to positions within a geographical area where Upshift services are active. Flexible candidates are regularly compensated.

In support of the point, the spokesperson says, β€œWe understand that some of our candidates only need to work for a few hours a week, while others need to work full-time. We are ready to help both groups.” The representative also adds, β€œThe application process is entirely free and open. Applicants, however, must meet all requirements to work before applying on our platform.”Upshift doesn’t have a minimum work hour requirement.

Upshifters are considered W2 employees. Upshift also handles all the logistics and payroll for job seekers, which means no paperwork. As stated by the spokesperson, β€œWhen you think of these provisions, it is impossible to doubt the key role Upshift plays in building a community of flexible workers, alongside meaningful employment relationships with local employers.”

About Upshift St Louis

Upshift is a staffing platform that serves thousands of job seekers, who need flexible work around family needs. The platform has an experienced group of professionals who use industry best practices to ensure that employers and job seekers get the best experience possible. The company has a fast-paced workforce with a job completion rate of 95.6%, which is a result of years of research and consultations with various experts in the fields of HR, marketing, analytics, and more. Together, these factors address the concerns of flexible job seekers and employers.

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