Chinese Spring Festival 2022 is the perfect time to build connections with Chinese ladies!
Chinese New Year is just around the corner and AsiaMe is inviting singles all over the world to celebrate this holiday with Chinese ladies online!

The Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is approaching. Whoever is familiar with the Chinese culture knows how celebrated this is. In 2022, the Spring Festival will be celebrated on February 1st and this is an ideal occasion for foreign men to meet Chinese women online. Everyone will be in a festive mood and AsiaMe, an international dating website, is encouraging members to benefit from this happy day to change their dating lives!

What is the Spring Festival?

The name “Spring Festival” to refer to the Chinese New Year has become more popular in recent years since it takes place at the beginning of Spring. It is a time of joy, appreciation, good atmosphere and delicious food, and everyone in China gets excited about it every year. Some of its recognizable associations are dragon lantern dancing, lion dancing, as well as temple fairs. The Spring Festival symbolizes family unity and honoring past and present generations.

Why is the Chinese New Year a good time to meet Chinese girls?

Meeting someone in a positive atmosphere opens the door to a positive relationship. As the Spring Festival lasts around 16 days, those interested in Asian ladies should make good use of this long holiday in the best possible way. Many Chinese girls have days off work and spend more time at home, so they have more free time to chat and get intimate. is organizing an activity for the celebration of Chinese New Year, and users of the website can use their Gifts & Flowers service to impress ladies and show respect for Chinese traditions. Happy events connect people on a whole new level. Thus, when foreigners start talking to Asian women during the Spring Festival, they will get to see the best of them! Great mood and meaningful conversations can be the initiators of relationships with great potential. Learning about Chinese culture makes men more attractive to Chinese Women.

Women love to feel appreciated by men. When dating foreigners, Chinese women expect their partners to respect the Chinese culture and traditions. When men learn the background of the Chinese New Year or any other meaningful festival, they increase their chances of impressing Chinese ladies.

Essential information that Western men should know about the Spring Festival:

• The upcoming Chinese New Year will take place on February 1st, 2022;

• The Spring Festival lasts for 16 days;

• The date of the Chinese New Year changes every year. In 2021, the Chinese New Year was celebrated on February 12th;

• Every Chinese New Year starts a new animal zodiac year. 2022 will be the Year of the Tiger. Zodiac signs in China are also determined by the year of birth. Thus, everyone born in 2022 will have the Tiger zodiac sign;

• Originally, the Chinese New Year used to be the time for praying to harvest gods. People would pray hoping to have a fruitful harvest;

• Red envelopes are one of the symbols of the Spring Festival. They represent luck and good wishes. Western men can use this fact to impress and surprise Chinese ladies they have been talking to for some time before the Chinese New Year. They can send them a red card or envelope. If it’s too late to send one by mail, there are multiple ways to do so electronically!

• Sweeping, washing, and taking out the garbage is not allowed during the Spring Festival period because of superstition. On the first day of the New Year, you shouldn’t wash your hair or clothes because it is believed that it will wash away the fortune!

How can western men approach Chinese ladies during the Spring Festival?

A good approach to women does not depend on the occasion, so men should always use the old tried and tested ways to talk to girls. However, they can use the Spring Festival in their favor and modify their tactics according to it.

When talking to women, men should always be polite, kind, and patient, and start a conversation for the first time with an interesting topic. Since AsiaMe will be spruced up and ready for the Chinese New Year, users can take advantage of this and encompass the festival in their first messages as a way to get the attention of the girls they are talking to. Adding some interesting opinions and comments about the holiday can initiate interesting topics. When two people start chatting with full attention, the conversation will flow and they could easily get attached.

To begin the Chinese New Year in good spirit and love, men who have always wanted to talk to Chinese girls should not miss this chance to talk to them. At AsiaMe, connecting to Chinese girls has never been easier.

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