Spotler Offers Lead Generation Software Helping Businesses Implement a Playbook for Lead Generation and Marketing Automation


Surrey, UK — (SBWIRE) — 01/13/2022 — Spotler, a leading B2B email marketing automation software provider, provides lead generation software to assist businesses in developing a playbook for lead generation and marketing automation success. As customers begin their journey, the solution assists businesses in finding the right customers and assisting customers in learning what they want to know about products. The software can increase the number of high-quality visitors to a website’s landing pages. Businesses can target the proper people with meaningful, relevant ad campaigns using the technology, which connects extensive, first-party behavioural data with advertising platforms.

The software makes lead-gen funnels more personal, giving businesses more, higher quality leads. The solution helps sales and marketing teams focus their time, money and efforts on the right users to generate better leads by targeting the right accounts. The software campaigns to the next level and generate leads with targeted email broadcasting and social media advertising. Businesses looking to implement impressive lead generation software can check out Spotler’s website for more information.

Talking about their lead generation software, one of the representatives from the company stated, “Knowing where visitors came from and what caught their eye is powerful information from your sales team to draw on. Access names, job titles and email addresses for all your website visitors. No more battling gate-keepers to find out who you need to speak to, just call up and ask for your prospect by name. The Live Feed lets you see your website visitors in real-time, you can be on the phone to them while you know you have their attention.”

Spotler is a well-known provider of marketing automation software in the UK. The company is particularly proud of the software quality it creates for a diverse customer base in the UK and around the world. The company collaborates with the Institute of Direct Marketing and the Direct Marketing Association to guarantee that its processes are up to date and follow best practices. In addition, the company regularly collaborates with organisations whose purpose is to improve email marketing in the present and future.

About Spotler
Spotler is one of the leading B2B marketing automation & lead generation software providers in the UK. Offering an all-in-one inbound and outbound marketing software, Spotler provides everything businesses need to launch effective marketing campaigns that generate leads and engage their audiences. They are committed to building innovations and advanced functionality that allow online businesses to take their marketing automation and lead generation to the next level.

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