Spotler Offers Customer Data Platform to Help Businesses Create Advanced and Personalised Buyer Journeys


Guildford, UK — (SBWIRE) — 11/24/2022 — Spotler, a leading B2B email marketing automation software provider, offers a customer data platform to help businesses create advanced and personalised buyer journeys. The solution is the backbone of customer data strategy and the foundation of a customer-centric organization providing a single source of truth for customer data and giving businesses a 360-degree view of customers. The software cleans, processes, and organises the data into a single customer profile, which can personalise the customer experience, target marketing campaigns, and measure customer lifetime value.

The system collects and compiles data from a variety of sources into a single, unified customer database. The solution is designed to work with both online and offline data, and it can be used to track customer behaviour across multiple channels, including web, mobile, email, and in-store. The software allows brands to collect data from online and offline interactions with customers and then use that data to create a personalised experience for every customer through customised messages. For more information, businesses looking for a customer data platform (CDP) can check out Spotler’s website.

A representative from the company stated, “Most Customer Data Platforms promise ready-made solutions. That sounds lovely, but in reality, you’ll quickly run into limitations. Spotler is very much at the other end of the spectrum. With us you get full control. Spotler offers B2C (webshops, retailers) and B2B marketers powerful possibilities to easily generate more sales via marketing automation and website personalisation. The synchronisation of customer, product and order data from your other platforms makes it possible to quickly create personal web pages and emails.”

Spotler is one of the most well-known marketing automation software providers in the UK. The company is particularly proud of the software quality it creates for a diverse customer base in the UK and around the world. The company collaborates with the Institute of Direct Marketing and the Direct Marketing Association to guarantee that its processes are up-to-date and follow best practices. In addition, the company regularly collaborates with organisations whose purpose is to improve email marketing in the present and future.

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Spotler is one of the leading B2B marketing automation & lead generation software providers in the UK. Offering all-in-one inbound and outbound marketing software, Spotler provides everything businesses need to launch effective marketing campaigns that generate leads and engage their audiences. They are committed to building innovations and advanced functionality that allow online companies to take their marketing automation and lead generation to the next level.

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