Southern Soul Talk Show Explores the Oklahoma Black Towns to Celebrate Black History

Popular podcast, Southern Soul Talk Show, organizes a panel consisting of practitioners and scholars to reveal the significant of the Oklahoma Black Towns in US History in celebration of Black History Month

With the uncertainty of 2021, many individuals find it difficult to navigate all the disruption including a new US presidential administration, civil unrest, and impact from the pandemic. In February, the United States celebrates National African American History Month, representing the contributions made by African Americans in  American history. However, the community continues to suffer economically due to the Covid-19 crisis. Consequently, Southern Soul Talk Show is putting together a panel of experts on Thursday, February 10th to provide awareness of the 13 remaining black towns in Oklahoma and share a marketing framework to provide economic empowerment and hope to these underserved communities.

According to the National Urban Leagues 2020 State of Black America Report, the economic devastation of a global pandemic has wreaked havoc on Black America, highlighting deep rooted inequities in the economy. Black and Latino Americans are overrepresented in low-wage jobs that offer the least flexibility and increase their risk of exposure to the coronavirus. It is even more worrisome as Black and Latino workers are more likely to hold jobs that do not offer health insurance benefits.

Sources: U.S. Postal Service Location Finder, Oklahoma Demographics by Cubit, Google, and Oklahoma Historical Society.

In 2021, the United States commemorated the 100-year anniversary of the Tulsa Massacre. The Tulsa Massacre represents one of the hidden secrets in U.S. history about Oklahoma black towns and communities. Consequently, the team at Southern Soul aims to shed more light on these underserved communities through a distinguished panel of professionals across industries.

The panel members are Dr. Daryll D. Green, Historian Jessilyn Head, Curator and Entrepreneur Dr. Trina Jackson, and Quit Historian and Fabric Designer Beverly Kirk. The discussions will explore the mystery of the Oklahoma Black Towns and the efforts of the Coltrane Group to restore, document, and preserve the heritage, buildings, and people of the remaining historic Black Towns of Oklahoma. It will also bring to bear the efforts of Dr. Green, his graduate students plus two scholars, conducted historical research, Infusing Marketing Strategy To Create Economic Empowerment for Black Communities: Saving The Last Oklahoma Black Towns, which was published last year in American Journal of Business and Management.

The initiative aims to create a united marketing strategy for Black Towns of Oklahoma, spread general awareness about Black Towns of Oklahoma, and deploy brand ambassadors to increase outreach to new potential supporters of the Black Towns of Oklahoma.

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