South Korean Series-K Receives Investment From BlueHelix’s MarkHard Fund

Web3 startup Series K, which operates Curious Ape, a Solana-based PFP NFT project, announced that it has attracted investment from BlueHelix’s MarkHard Fund.

Curious Ape NFT is a project started by experts who have collaborated with various sectors of the IT industry for many years, and Series K is consisted of founders from platform companies and board members from IT global companies.

They announced that they will disclose detailed product development plans and business operation roadmap at the same time as PFP NFT’s minting.

Series K has unusually attracted investment from accelerators and professional angels from the early stages of the NFT project, and has been receiving a series of love calls from blockchain VCs.

Despite the recent deep decline and slump in the crypto market, it seems to have been verified for its marketability as a promising project.

Singapore-based BlueHelix’s MarkHard Fund is discovering blockchain startups such as the NFT project, metaverse, and P2E games, and is helping early startups grow rapidly as accelerators by verifying their technology and business feasibility.

A Series K official said that their NFT project and CCG (collectible card game) uses IP and tokens that they will be issuing and they have been incorporated into the main portfolio of the Markhard Fund.

The LP (fund member) of the MarkHard Fund is consisted of global crypto venture capitalist firms such as LD Capital, Huobi Global, Chainup, Sequoia Capital, Hanshingy Partners, and Akrutz Invest.

Media Contact
Company Name: Curious Ape
Contact Person: Sean Lim
Email: Send Email
Phone: 18652938965
Country: South Korea

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