Talented hip hop act, SOSIK, announces the release of his new feel-good song titled Flexxy amidst rave reviews from listeners

SOSIK is staying true to his goal of using his musical talent to inspire people and help them feel better irrespective of the situation as the hip-hop artist drops a new song titled Flexxy. The multi-faceted entertainer brings his lyrical prowess and beat-making abilities to bear in the new song, which is currently available on Spotify and other streaming platforms for lovers of hip hop worldwide.

The music scene has undoubtedly evolved over the years, as more artists, record labels, music producers, and other categories of stakeholders emerge to deliver the best listening experience to lovers of good music worldwide. However, a good number of the songs created in recent times have lacked any real content, failing to inspire the audience meaningfully, which is where SOSIK, otherwise known as Jose Alonso Curiel, is looking to make a difference as substantiated by the recent release of Flexxy.

Flexxy shows the creativity and ingenuity of SOSIK, features that have endeared him to lovers of good music, as he takes his fans and other listeners on an amazing ride of just over three minutes of compelling lyrics on banging beats. SOSIK seeks to continue expressing himself through music, with his songs inspired by life experiences and happenings around him. The release of the song is particularly timely, as the world needs all the encouragement possible amidst the uncertainties that continue to plague the lives of people.

The Mexican-American DJ and record producer is known for the fusion of different genres to create a unique style influenced by old-school rap, hip hop, rock, and electronic dance music. The multitalented entertainer started to make a name for himself for college parties at the University of Oregon and SoundCloud presence. The Seattle-based music enthusiast has been able to hone his skills as a record producer, songwriter, and singer over the years, working on several projects with big names in the industry.

For more information about Flexxy and other works from SOSIK, visit Spotify and other streaming platforms.

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