Soeleish Las Vegas Magazine Announces ‘Kyra Symone’ as July 2022 Cover Feature Entrepreneur

Las Vegas, Nevada – July 14, 2022 – Soeleish Las Vegas Magazine announces the Founder and CEO of Performing Assets Talent Agency ‘Kyra Symone’ as their July 2022 cover feature entrepreneur. Soeleish Las Vegas Magazine is a one-of-a-kind magazine. SLVM is the first magazine dedicated to small business owners and entrepreneurs in Las Vegas. It’s purpose is to recognize the efforts and successes of Las Vegas small business owners and entrepreneurs. SLVM is a monthly magazine covering business, lifestyle, information, and technology. Soeleish Las Vegas Magazine is Las Vegas’ #1 magazine for small business owners. 

Performing Assets Talent Agency is a full-service talent agency that empowers others to reach their highest potential. Its mission is to provide outstanding talent for live markets including BIGO Live, the entertainment industry, commercial advertisement, and film. The strength of the agency, its reputation, and its success is largely due to the forward-thinking of Kyra Symone and the diverse talent she brings to the agency. As chief executive officer, Kyra Symone takes pride in procuring work not only for brand ambassadors and models that are signed to her agency, but also for those who are interested in becoming live-streamers on BIGO Live.

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Kyra Symone / Performing Assets Talent Agency

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Individuals who are interested in purchasing a hard copy of the July 2022 Issue of SOELEISH LAS VEGAS MAGAZINE can do so at SLVMAG.COM

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