Society for History Education Is Promoting Equity and Diversity in History Education Through the Publication of Their Journal – the History Teacher

The History Teacher captures relevant topics that are poised to address educational inequality and promote inclusion

Academic institutions have a role to play in eliminating educational inequalities and disparities. The History Teacher is a peer-reviewed journal that focuses on history teaching methods and has been housed in the Department of History at California State University, Long Beach since 1972. The History Department’s responsibility in secondary-teacher preparation and its robust History BA and MA programs have made them the leaders in discussions about the most important pedagogies in history. The History Teacher seeks to facilitate broader discussions between K–12 and university history educators in an effort to make history pedagogy more inclusive.

In recognition of their efforts, the Society for History Education (SHE) was awarded a grant from the American Historical Association (AHA) to support efforts to promote inclusion and diversity through The History Teacher. The grant from the AHA seeks to aid institutions that were adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. SHE is one of fifty grant recipients and one of two in California, comprised of site-based organizations, membership associations, and history departments at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

The journal, The History Teacher, was recognized by the AHA based on the quality of its content and its expert contributions. The grant of $26,000 will fund initiatives to bridge the gap in communication between K-12 and university history educators. The grant will also facilitate inclusive history teaching practices and promote funding for controversial yet culturally relevant historical topics. In 2019, the journal had about 250,000 digital downloads and has served history educators in primary, secondary, and post-secondary classrooms.

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About the Society for History Education

The society is an affiliate of the American History Association and was established in 1967 with a current membership of up to 2,000 members. It was created to support all disciplines in history education in universities, colleges, and pre-collegiate schools with the use of practical and professional analyses of traditional and innovative teaching techniques.

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