Social Media Influencer Aiming for Capitol Hill With Petition to Increase Childhood Cancer Research Funding

Chad Ehlers, father of 3 y.o Mia Ehlers who is currently undergoing chemo pushes petition for more cancer research funds

Currently experiencing first hand the pains and stress of tending to a child who is cancer sick, Public Figure and father, Chad Ehlers is petitioning the Federal Government to increase the percentage of government funding allocated to Childhood Cancer Research. The current percentage allocated to this research is marked at 4% and with the statistics of children who suffer childhood cancer and die, Chad Ehlers strongly opines that this percentage is not good enough. He is therefore pushing for goodwill people to sign a petition that can make government increase the allocation to 8%.

Three year old Mia Ehlers was diagnosed with blood cancer (Leukemia) at the tender age of 1 and since then, she has been unable to lead a normal life. Her condition makes it difficult or outright impossible for her to engage in children activities like her peers. It is also difficult for her to go through the painful process of Chemo treatments. Her parents are consequently under pressure, shock and the fear of losing her eventually after the long fight. This is in addition to frequent hospital visits and overwhelming medical bills which inhibits her parents’ chances of living their own lives.

In Chad’s words, “As a father and caregiver, I have witnessed my daughter experiencing the long-term psychological effects of intensive cancer treatments. I have seen her living in a constant state of anxiety, depression, and even post-traumatic stress. Her lengthy hospital stays, reoccurrence, increased treatment intensity worsens her post-traumatic stress, which is accompanied by nightmares or flashbacks that make her want to avoid people, places, or things associated with the treatment experience. Further, she has difficulty feeling emotions, feeling helpless, distant, or cut off from others, and feeling anxious or easily startled. These overwhelming experiences are also shared by myself and her mother.”

Mia’s story is not so different from other kids who suffer from this painful disease. Parents of such kids have to live with their guard up constantly to avoid situations getting out of hand. It is from this pain point that Mia’s father, Chad Ehlers is petitioning to have more resources dedicated to making it easy for cancer kids and their families live through the process. Chad Ehlers believes that with an increase in the percentage to 8%, public healthcare institutions will consistently and actively research cancer all year round.

With an allocation increase, researchers will be adequately equipped to find improved ways to identify children that are genetically predisposed to developing childhood cancer. They may also be able to prevent the occurrence of cancer, churn out better and more effective treatment as well as reduce treatment period, alleviate post treatment side effects, and possibly develop childhood cancer vaccines.

The signing of the petition will therefore the quicken the passing of a healthcare policy or law that can make all this happen. This will be a much appreciated move for Mia Ehlers, Chad Ehlers and all other kids and families suffering from cancer. By signing this petition, the estimated 1,780 children who will die from cancer this year according to the National Cancer Institute can be saved and their families spared the grief.

“Currently, Mia Has 260 days left of cancer treatment. The thought of having my daughter go through the awful experience is emotionally and mentally draining.  By signing this petition, you will be paving the way for the concerned stakeholders to make a direct and lasting impact upon the lives of many future generations of children and their kin. We need 12 million signatures behind this petition to begin lobbying for raising the current fund allocated towards childhood cancer research from 4% to 8%,” said Chad Ehlers.

About Chad Ehlers

Chad Ehlers, apart from being a father of the cancer patient is also a change agent much needed in the world. He is the founder of  The Chad Change Foundation, an exclusive group of influencers around the world that find their peace giving back to hospitalized children. Renowned as a Movement of Positivity, their mission is “to be the change we want to see in the world for hospitalized children.” The group raises money and helps with essential funds necessary for vital medical expenses. They come together as a diverse group of positive influencers to create a supportive and uplifting atmosphere through virtual & authentic environments in communities around the world. Through this,  they also raise money for the local hospitals inside each community they reach.

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