SNAH: A Healthcare Software That Connects Everyone

Health care should be a smooth process. However, with the rise in electronic medical records, insurance companies, and a lack of coordination across the country and world, such as small practices still using paper-based documents, it has become more complicated than ever. SNAH is health care software that helps bring everyone in the medical community together.

What is SNAH?

SNAH is a complete software solution that manages all aspects of patient and staff scheduling and communications. SNAH is customizable and meets the needs of both small and large providers. Paired with various enterprise business solutions, SNAH also offers customizable options for health care organizations to improve their operations and boost the bottom line.

It offers solutions for:


SNAH helps doctors schedule and coordinate with the entire patient roster, no matter how many specialty doctors patients see. Keeping track and coordinating all the records and data, SNAH allows doctors to focus on their patients rather than on administrative tasks.


SNAH offers several advantages to all patients, including a convenient and easy-to-use patient portal, simple doctor’s appointment scheduling, transportation coordination, and reminders.


Nursing home facilities, ambulatory surgery centers, and hospitals have complex scheduling needs. SNAH allows them to schedule operations, appointments, and even the equipment they need to support patient care.

Healthcare Administrators:

For administrators, SNAH provides a way to monitor and control all of their facilities from one central location. This oversight creates a smooth workflow that allows administrators to support patients’ needs.


Pharmacies can use SNAH to schedule pickups and deliveries, never to fall short of meeting patient needs. This streamlined system creates a more efficient workflow and reduces errors.

How Can SNAH Help Medical Administrators and Practices?

SNAH is a cloud-based system. There are no servers to set up or maintain, so it is easy for administrators and medical staff to get started quickly and easily. SNAH also offers an intuitive interface that is easy to learn and use so that administrators can track their schedules,

Simplifying Medical Care: Changing the Face of Healthcare

A patient can meet with their family doctor, have surgery to remove cancerous cells and receive chemotherapy. This process sounds simple, but it’s very complex. Physicians’ schedules are often conflicting because of the various requirements of work schedules for each specialty doctor.

Now put yourself in the patient’s situation. You may have gone from one specialist to another, been interviewed by each of them, and repeated your tale each time. Continuity of care often comes with a time lag, but instead of focusing on your health, you worry about getting your papers done quickly.

Getting the proper records across different departments and ensuring efficient service takes time, while the focus should always be on the patient’s health.

The Benefits of SNAH For Healthcare

Patient Userapp allows patients to have access to doctors’ practices or facilities schedules to book doctor’s appointments, view their records and receive updates from their providers. Doctors can use online portals to share information with patients and send them reminders about appointments. Now imagine doing all of this quickly and efficiently.

Delays in treatment can worsen conditions and even cost lives. This problem makes receiving care complicated, stressful, and dangerous for patients. In the past, patients dealt with this by using fax machines or submitting their medical history documents repeatedly.

SNAH eases the way for doctors, patients, and all medical staff involved in healthcare. It can route and track all medical records, prescriptions, and other patient information so that the correct information is available to the right person at the right time.

It enables medical staff to communicate in real-time, including during emergencies. The system works through a web-based interface so you don’t have to install software or follow complicated procedures.

Simplicity For Busy Professionals

Using the SNAH platform, you can monitor your practice or hospital’s schedule and send alerts to patients when it’s time for their doctor’s appointments. The interface is easy for non-technical staff to learn and use.

SNAH’s customizable configuration means you can add modules and configure the system to suit your needs. A clear, at-a-glance view of the schedule allows you to manage your resources better. You can also collaborate with staff in other departments without physically being there.

The SNAH team has worked hard to build the most advanced healthcare software available today. The company is dedicated to delivering streamlined, highly efficient healthcare management solutions that allow busy individuals to focus on patient care

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