Six-Time Cancer Survivor Pens Book “How to Cancer 101” and Launches It as #1 New Release on Amazon

Dr. Melissa Caudle, with Absolute Author Publishing House, says, “This is a remarkable story. The strength and courage Anneke shows are unmatched. Anyone with this disease or who knows someone with it should read this book. It really is profound and gives hope.”
Anneke Adams is a six-time cancer survivor on a mission to help others with her new book “How to Cancer 101” which was released in late March by Absolute Author Publishing House as the #1 New Release on Amazon. Having beaten cancer, the book is filled with incredible insight on coping with the disease.

New York, NY, USA – March 24, 2022 – Anneke GJ Adams, a Belgian-American woman, and the author of a book “How to Cancer 101,” written for cancer awareness. Adams also established a foundation dedicated to the welfare of cancer survivors and caregivers by the same name. Adams says, “I am incredibly honored that my book launched as the number one new release on Amazon. It really is a dream come true. Publisher, Dr. Melissa Caudle, with Absolute Author Publishing House says, “This is a remarkable story. The strength and courage Anneke shows are unmatched. Anyone with this disease or who knows someone with it should read this book. It really is profound and gives hope. Anneke is right. Cancer doesn’t have to be a death sentence.”

When Adams was diagnosed with cancer for the sixth time, as oddly as it may sound, she felt suddenly that she had finally found her calling. She realized that the purpose of her calling or this spiritual awakening if you will, was to help, support and guide cancer patients, sexual assault victims, and people who have lost their loved ones and their families.

“Being a six times cancer survivor is not easy all,” Adams says. “But I am proud I was able to overcome all the physical and emotional pain and came back stronger and more determined with a purpose in life and an awakening of a lifetime.” Adams wants to be remembered as a fighter, a warrior, an inspiration to others.

As a child growing up in Western Europe, Adams grew accustomed to eating the natural, non-preservative types of food that were only grass-fed, grown, and raised in Europe as a normality. A place where your bread must be thrown out after three to four days, as it is no longer edible. Where beef, chicken or pork is not the size of two normal fists as opposed to one. A meal that was not pumped with steroids and preservatives as here at some places.

In middle school, Adams remembers sticking up for the one who was mentally challenged and would always be picked on by the bullies. Eleven years after moving to the United States from Belgium, Adams was diagnosed with a Stage-3 breast cancer, hormone estrogen and progesterone receptor-positive, which came in an aggressive kind. This was her toughest cancer, she was also diagnosed with her sixth cancer during battle number five, which was a Stage-2 Melanoma on her foot.

Adams says, “More than eight million women worldwide are diagnosed with cancer each year, but the word ‘C’ is not something anyone expects to hear. You don’t have to consider it a death sentence.”

The Book How to Cancer 101 is a 101 on getting through cancer, and the book is all about inspiration, positive attitude, divine power, HOPE, or spiritual connection with your higher self. The number 101 encourages you to stay focused on your divine power and divine truth in all ways. When something needs urgent attention, your angels will continuously send you this number until you understand what they are trying to tell you. The number 1 symbolizes great and happy times, while the number 0 represents a positive change. 101 Is also a topic for beginners in any area and it has all the basic principles and concepts that are expected in a particular field. Let your mind focus completely on God.

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