SISIGAD Official Website Published a New Article on February 5, 2022: How to Choose a Quality Hoverboard?

SISIGAD official website published a new article on February 5, 2022: How to choose a quality hoverboard? The article explains in detail the factors to consider when purchasing a hoverboard, and the degree to which each factor affects. Below are the details of this article.

When choosing to buy a hoverboard, people usually consider the following:

Hoverboard wheel size

The wheels of a hoverboard are just as important as the wheels of a bicycle. Most hoverboards come with 7-inch diameter wheels, which is an ideal height for beginners. If  plan to use the hoverboard on grass or rough terrain,  may need to find one with larger wheels.

Hoverboard charging time

Charging time is one characteristic that differentiates brands of hoverboards. If people plan to use hoverboards on a daily basis, they need the most efficient charging system. A hoverboard takes about three hours to fully charge. Consider charging time when choosing a hoverboard.

Distance you can travel with a hoverboard

The range of the hoverboard allows it to travel uninterrupted for a certain distance. Models vary in this feature, with more expensive models offering greater range. When fully charged, it can expect 7-15 miles of range.

Hoverboard speed

The hoverboard’s top speed is nowhere near the bike’s, but it’s a feature that differentiates the model. Most hoverboards offer 6-8 mph so people don’t get motion sickness or go too fast.


SISIGAD is a well-known innovative manufacturer and retailer of high-end and middle-end outdoor sports equipment. Their range of hoverboards includes affordable models with or without Bluetooth, off-road style hoverboards and more. Excellent customer support, high-quality, speedy delivery and competitive prices, are the reasons to choose SISIGAD.

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