SISIGAD Forum Updated Article on February 1, 2022: 5 Games for Kids and Teens to Play on Hoverboards

SISIGAD forum updated article on February 1, 2022: 5 games kids and teens can play on hoverboards to make owning a hoverboard even more enjoyable. Below are the details of this article.

The fact that hoverboards get kids outside is a great bonus for parents! Once children learn to ride a kid’s hoverboard, they can do a lot more than just ride around the driveway. Playing hoverboard games with friends outdoors while riding hoverboards is a great way to spend time outdoors.

Fun Hoverboard Games

1. Hoverboard Tag

This classic kids game would be even more fun if everyone was on a hoverboard. If people are not familiar with the rules, they can be learned. The goal of the “it” person is to tag another player to make them “it”. As the cycle continues, each tagged rider becomes “it.”

2. Hoverboard Race

Regular sprints become twice as exciting when hoverboards are involved. Participants line up on hoverboards and race to the finish line. To make it a skills challenge, add obstacles to ride over. Playing this game with friends in the park or on the street is a fun activity.

3. Don’t Get Dizzy!

Kids like to spin in circles until they pass out on the ground? The same game can be played on a hoverboard. It’s easy to perform hoverboard tricks that spin in a circle. Everyone should line up and take a spin together. If someone falls or gets dizzy and stops, they’re out. The person standing wins.

4. Simon Says

Hoverboarding is another old school game that translates well to a hoverboard. Simon is chosen to instruct the rest of the group. Simon’s guidance is followed as long as he says “Simon says…” first. Those who follow instructions without using the magic word are in trouble. The last person standing becomes Simon.

5. Don’t Drop the Ball

Playing the game is fun for all ages and everyone works together. To play, use a lightweight balloon or bouncy ball. After one player hits the ball in the air, all players must work together to keep the ball from touching the ground. Hoverboards provide an added challenge.


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