Sirius Solar Solutions Excited to Bring Sustainable Energy to Homes and Businesses Nationwide

Sirius Solar, a newly founded renewable energy company is thrilled to be bringing solar power to residential and commercial consumers nationwide. In recent times, there has been more focus on sustainable living and with growing concerns about how fossil fuels affect our globe, people are beginning to see the importance and tilt towards the usage of solar energy.

Founded in January 2022 by Rodney Pettus Jr, Sirius Solar is on a mission to alleviate the concerns of consumers by creating a cleaner environment. The company is currently working with a privately owned construction company to distribute solar to the locally built bussineses in the Houston area. According to a Sirius spokesperson, “We can confirm that this project will undoubtedly be the largest solar project in the Houston TX area. We are diligently working with venture capitalists to allow for secure funding. We are excited to see these projects continue to grow in and around the Houston area. In a state that is oil propelled, it’s enlightening to be apart of a green movement in the largest city in the state of Texas.”

As a national commercial and residential solar energy provider, Sirius boasts of a team of experienced professionals who are highly trained to exceed customer expectations. The renewable energy company believes in high standards and are working tirelessly to uphold those standards. They also believe in the work they do and how it is impactful to every community and the future. This is therefore a propeller to using only high standard equipment that are designed to perform exceptionally.

Sirius Solar makes it a point to put consumer needs ahead of every service they provide. This is because they regard their customers as the key players in the company. Clients who patronize Sirius are entitled to an education on the importance of renewable energy and how they can make the most of their systems.

As an advocate for cleaner environment, Sirius is putting measures in place that will support the affordability of their solar energy services. The company is working to ensure that consumers around the nation can afford this service that will make an impact in their future.  They are also very excited to be a part of the change that the world desperately needs. “Our favorite part about the business is having the opportunity to service our community and world. Together we can collaborate and explain how solar works for them, all while educating and knowingly giving a service that we are confident they’ll love,” revealed a company’s spokesperson.

The new company projects exponential growth in the coming year and they are confident about this because renewable energy is being talked about more and being embraced. Sirius Solar believes that with the right education targeted to home and business owners, there will be a bigger demand of clean energy in the future. “With President Biden looking to capitalize this year, and years to come with establishing a cleaner electric grid, there is in fact, no slowing down in the future and generations to come with solar energy. We are grateful to be a part of the movement and excited for those to hear our story,” the spokesperson’s noted.

Currently, alongside with Houston area, Sirius Solar is also servicing the state of Virginia. The renewable energy company is working hand in hand with local businesses to embrace bring solar not only in Norfolk and Newport News but the entire state of Solar. This is a huge win for Sirius as the State of Virginia is powered by less than 2% of solar energy. Therefore it is exciting for the company to be able to bring the solar trend to the state.

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