Singing the Nocturnes (Classica Records), Elizabeth Sombart’s New Album Dedicated to Chopin’s Music Opens the New Year With Absolute Joy.

“Singing the Nocturnes” the latest album by the Concert Piano Artist Elizabeth Sombart will be available from January 6, 2022, on Spotify and on all Digital Music Streaming services around the world. An album that promises to be an Epiphany for all lovers of Classical Music

This new album by Elizabeth Sombart titled SINGING THE NOCTURNE (Classica Records). That’s right, in this album the piano turns into a wonderful voice in the hands of this incredible Piano Concert Artist who is already a legend of our days and frees himself in a vibration that enters directly into the depths of the listener’s soul.

Elizabeth Sombart will have played these compositions by this divine composer, hundreds of times around the world. But with each performance of Lady Sombart it seems that this music gushing fresh directly from a source of pure beauty that comes directly from those superhuman heights that correspond to a single name: Fredric Chopin.

The artistic activity of Elizabeth Sombart is intense and is divided between the Concerts, the teaching of the piano, is in fact about to be launched all over the world, a new educational platform on the web, totally dedicated to the pedagogy developed over the years by Elizabeth Sombart and finally not less important, her humanitarian and philanthropic activities. 

In addition to spending all her free time playing in hospitals for seriously ill children, nursing homes for the elderly, dormitories for the homeless, prisons, this incredible woman during the Covid time where she could, due to restrictions; she played in the morgues for the funerals of many people who unfortunately could not even be greeted by their families.

A heroine, guide for many students from all over the world and guardian of the purity and beauty of Classical Music which lately is marred by performances by pianists-gymnasts who have no idea of the musical phrase and melodic breath, not to mention attractive young ladies who are more concerned with showing their legs than thinking about the piano interpretation.

Despite the banality that advances and the low quality that is cleared at all levels in our world, Elizabeth Sombart with her simplicity, with her strength, with her incredible dedication and devotion to the Classical Piano reminds us that Music is the way for the Absolute, an art that connects us directly to that sublime energy that moves the cosmos and makes our hearts vibrate.

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