Singer-Songwriter and Producer Raymond Revel Garners Attention With Unique Musicality

February 21, 2022 – Texas-based singer-songwriter/producer Raymond Revel is rising to fame with newly released music. This newbie artist began creating waves at the start of this year with songs that have captivated the hearts of music lovers all over the country. He continues to gain more listeners on major streaming platforms like Spotify, where he has over 36K listeners.

Born in Burbank, California, Revel found his calling at a young age. He spent his early years as a piano-based songwriter. Clear influences of Billy Joel and Elton John made their way into his work.  His fascination with 70s songwriters like James Taylor, Carole King & Harry Chapin later formulated the basis of his successful music career.

“However, once Raymond began his experimentation with music production, his songwriting branched out into a variety of sub-genres. Raymond has never enjoyed being pinpointed or “stuck in a box” so what you will find in his catalog is a wide variety of sounds and musical styles”, says a spokesperson for the upcoming artist.

Each song that Raymond produces has its unique sound and character. One of his strong traits is being consistent as a songwriter and musician. He assures his fans that he will keep bringing new sounds and ideas that shall not disappoint. To keep up with his exciting career, follow him on his social media accounts and major streaming platforms.

For the last three years, Raymond has poured his energy into composing his very own discography, consisting of 50 odd original songs. Now, in 2022, these songs are beginning to pick momentum.  Today, both the young and old tap their feet to Raymond’s unique music. His music has been compared to the likes of Ben Rector, Jason Mraz, Andy Grammer, and a few vintage artists such as James Taylor, Jackson Browne, and Carole King.

“Raymond Revel is like a young Ed Sheeran. His songwriting comes so naturally, and the messages within his songs are not overly complex. This creates hooks for nearly any listener to gravitate towards, which is why I believe the world needs to put Raymond on their radar in 2022”, says a spokesperson for Raymond Revel.

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