Sickle Cell Disease Market: Treatment, Key Players, Therapies, and Market Report Scope 2032

DelveInsight’s Sickle Cell Disease Market Insights report provides a thorough understanding of current treatment practices, emerging Sickle Cell Disease market share of the individual therapies, current and forecasted Sickle Cell Disease Market size from 2019 to 2032 segmented into 7MM (the USA, EU5 (the UK, Italy, Spain, France, and Germany), and Japan).


Sickle Cell Disease Overview

Sickle cell disease (SCD) is an inherited red blood cell disorder caused by a structural abnormality of hemoglobin called sickle hemoglobin (HbS) which encodes hemoglobin subunit β. HbS is inherited in an autosomal recessive way and can occur due to homozygosity for HbS (HbSS). HbS is functional and soluble when oxygenated, but upon deoxygenation it polymerizes, leading to the generation of deformed red blood cells known as sickled cells and dense erythrocytes.


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Some of the key highlights of the Sickle Cell Disease Market Report

According to DelveInsight’s analysis, no gender bias has been observed in case of Sickle cell disease.
A 5-year study carried out using Florida Medicaid program data estimated that SCD patients had an average of 3.7 inpatient hospitalizations and 24.1 hospital days during the study period, with roughly 84% attributable to SCD-related diagnoses.
“Sickle cell disease” quoted that demographical projections estimated that the annual number of newborn babies with SCA worldwide will exceed 400,000 by 2050.
Sickle Cell Disease companies are included like Pfizer Inc., Micelle BioPharma Inc, AstraZeneca, BlueBird Bio, Agios Pharmaceuticals, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Emmaus Life Sciences lnc and many others.
Sickle Cell Disease drugs are included like Droxia, Endari, Rivipansel, SC411 (Altemia), Ticagrelor, LentiGlobin BB305, AG-348, and many others.


Sickle Cell Disease Symptoms

Episodes of pain
Swelling of hands and feet
Frequent infections
Delayed growth or puberty
Vision problems


Sickle Cell Disease Treatment

Sickle cell disease (SCD) is an umbrella term that defines a group of inherited diseases (including sickle cell anaemia (SCA), HbSC and HbSβ-thalassaemia,) characterized by mutations in the gene encoding the haemoglobin subunit β (HBB). The treatment starts with the recognition of pain in the sickle cell disease patients. Recurrent episodes of acute, severe pain are the hallmark of SCD. The pain is highly variable both within and among patients, and is the result of complex and poorly understood interactions between biological and psychosocial factors.


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Sickle Cell Disease Key Players

Pfizer Inc.
Micelle BioPharma Inc.
BlueBird Bio
Agios Pharmaceuticals
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Emmaus Life Sciences lnc.
And many others


Sickle Cell Disease Drugs

SC411 (Altemia)
LentiGlobin BB305
And many others


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Table of Content

Key Insights
Executive Summary
Competitive Intelligence Analysis
Market Overview at a Glance
Disease Background and Overview
Patient Journey
Epidemiology and Patient Population
Treatment Algorithm, Current Treatment, and Medical Practices
Unmet Needs
Key Endpoints of Sickle Cell Disease Treatment
Marketed Products
Emerging Therapies
Seven Major Market Analysis
Attribute analysis
7MM: Market Outlook
Access and Reimbursement Overview
KOL Views
Market Drivers
Market Barriers
DelveInsight Capabilities
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