Show Big Love to Small Pets: Start 2022 With the Resolution of Protecting Pets & Providing Them Secure Shelter With Just a Few Taps


Shelter Boss, US – 5th January, 2022 – Step into New Year with Resolution to bring the best solution for pet’s safety and a complete shelter. Save pets from all dangers, provide them protection, and rescue them from all health risks by installing this highly effective animal shelter software by Shelter boss.

The animal shelter software is specifically designed to help, rescue animals, control, and manage animal facilities by optimizing their critical operations, including; pet adoption, pet care, management, animal intake, and licensing.

The animal rescue software is concerned with finding lost pets by showing their license or sharing license details. Besides, this software further helps track pet growth, share pet breed information, health reports, pet training, scheduling appointments, online pet food and accessories, online consultation with a registered pet, and pet transportation.

There is upgraded software that has solutions for every issue concerned with pet care.

How can Pet Licensing Software be helpful?

The pet licensing proves ownership of a pet. This software can save a lot of time while adopting a pet as it won’t need to share all documents and details. With pet licensing software, only a few basic details are required to let the shelter team recognize their pet and get it back to them, in case they lose their pet.

The main perks the company while upgrading the company’s website with this software is;

The software will Update Your Website & App: This enables customers to log in to the website or app and schedule their appointment. This software will be upgraded with brand name and logo.
The Team Will Train Your Employees: The team will comprehensively train and guide employees, the proper use of animal shelter software.

Quotes of Concern for Animal care & Convenience by Shelter Boss Owner:

We fabricate a software that allows you deal with each part of the rehoming system, from admissions to appropriations to local area programs, more effectively than any other time in recent memory, so you can get out from behind the PC and invest more energy doing what you joined this industry to do.”

About the Company:

Shelter Boss is a leading software-making company that can successfully turn all animal care businesses into a convenient platform. We aim to make our client’s businesses easy to run and manage all their appointments within a tap of fingers.

We make it easy for you to spend time with pets rather than focusing on other relevant tasks, from pest control to pet licensing software and other animal care aspects. With Shelter Boss pet care software, you can get more customers and greater chances for your pet to get their permanent house.

Contact us today, and we’ll enlighten you all about animal care software. You’ll get all details about perks and features that can help you bring your business to online appointment scheduling.

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