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The global shipping container market is expected to be valued at USD 6.4 billion in 2027. The anticipated CAGR during the period of forecast (2020 to 2027) is 12.0%.

Shipping Containers Industry Procurement Outlook

Containers are used to transport bulk materials via container ships on seaways. A shipping container is usually made of sturdy material which ranges from reusable steel boxes that are used for intermodal shipment, ubiquitous corrugated boxes, or even wooded pallets. While shipping containers may come in various sizes, the four most popular sizes of container sizes are 8-feet shipping container, 10-feet shipping container, 20-feet shipping container, a 40-feet shipping container. Even among these varieties of sizes, the 20-feet and the 40-feet shipping containers are the most popular containers. The shipping containers are essentially manufactured as per ISO specifications not only to have a hassle-free loading and unloading but also to be capable of withstanding extreme environments and maintain their structural integrity during a voyage.

Shipping Containers Industry Demand Outlook

The global shipping container market is expected to be valued at USD 6.4 billion in 2027. While the shipping and transportation market is currently facing a shortage in the supply of containers, it is expected that the supply of shipping containers will increase during the period of forecast. The anticipated CAGR during the period of forecast (2020 to 2027) is 12.0%. From a market segmentation perspective, based on the type of container, dry containers occupied approximately 70% market share in the overall container market and it is expected to drive the market during the period of a forecast as well.

The COVID pandemic negatively influenced the shipping containers industry. WTO has analyzed that there was a 9.2% decline in the volume of global merchandise trade in 2020 (compared to its previous year). In 2021, the trade volumes increased by 7.2% as compared to the trade-in 2020. The increased trade volume from 2021 was mostly carried out through containers. This indicates the growing demand for containers for trading.

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Shipping Containers Industry Cost Drivers

Growth in international trade is boosting the demand for intermodal shipments. However, there is currently there is a global shortage of containers and due to this, the tariff rates for transport have been increasing continuously. This is prompting the shipping and transport providers to take several actions like optimization of ship routes to touch base with more ports, increasing the number of available ships over an extended period and introducing more containers into the market. These steps will help in the growth of the market.

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