Sheldon Knows Launches New Website to Make Comparison Decisions Easier

The new website contains hundreds of different topics with their opposing or alternative options juxtaposed with short notes on their pros and cons to help readers get a short but clear understanding of the benefits of choosing either option

February 25, 2022 – Sheldon Knows is delighted to announce that it has launched a new website to make comparison decisions easier. The new website, named, contains hundreds of different topics, along with their opposing or alternative options, juxtaposed with short notes on their advantages and disadvantages to help readers get a short but clear understanding of the consequences of choosing either option.

β€œWe’ve put together short notes on a long list of the most common topics and issues to help people make better decisions.”

According to Sheldon Knows, a lot of people struggle when faced with two opposing options. The fear of missing out, or the unavailability of adequate information often leaves people hesitant to move forward with a decision. By compiling the most important points, pros, and cons of each option, the platform hopes to help visitors get a better understanding of the choices before them so they can make an informed decision.

Some examples of comparisons made easy on the platform include:Β 

Roth IRA VS Brokerage Account

Data Science VS Machine Learning

Private Cloud VS Public Cloud

Rabbitmq VS Kafka

Single Stage VS two Stage Air Conditioner

Anyone currently struggling with a comparison decision can simply visit the new website and browse from the list of available topics.

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