Eyes can look great even after years of aging, sun exposure and other adversaries with the help of modern solutions. The recently launched SHEEREYES, a quality tissue simulator with a polynucleotide derived from salmon, is meant to reduce eye wrinkles and bags under the eyes, apart from rejuvenating the skin and improving elasticity.

For those who have given up on other products that promise to remove dark circles and wrinkles, SHEEREYES is a new product that uses polynucleotide (PDRN) which is also safe for sensitive skin. PDRN helps to regenerate skin and reduces the appearance of dark circles.

SHEEREYES is meant to be injected into the affected area in the dermis with various volumes of the solution based on the application area. A typical treatment may include injecting 1.1cc into the eye area and keeping a 20-day interval between two treatments. After the application, the area is gently massaged for an even spread of the solution. 

After three to five days, the treated skin revitalizes and feels softer. In two to four weeks, the skin acquires more elasticity and small wrinkles begin to go away. In four to six weeks, the skin regains its firmness and has a lifting effect. The total effect of the treatment is achieved in 3-4 such sessions, with a gap of 2-3 weeks between the treatment sessions

SHEEREYES is a unique and advanced technology for skin improvement and rejuvenation without any surgical treatment,” said a JUD KOREA official

SHEEREYES can be applied on a wide range of face areas, under t   eyes, collar bones, back of hands, and the periorbital region where dark circles are formed. The solution is helpful for skin repair, removal of wrinkles, skin whitening, improving skin elasticity, and as an anti-aging formula.

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