Sharp Increase in Staffing on-Demand Staffing Platform Use in the Fulfillment and Distribution Industry

Online orders have soared over the last two years. However, the US faces labor shortages across a variety of industries. Between that and the supply chain problems over the previous year, the entire fulfillment and distribution market has struggled to keep things flowing smoothly. A hiccup in the supply chain can be devastating for a business moving products. It can result in the customers turning to another product or business. Many companies are turning to staffing platform Upshift and temp workers to fill in these gaps left behind and get their products to market.

The fulfillment and distribution industry is particularly fit for temporary staffing platform solutions because they often have short-term needs for highly skilled labor. The faster a company can fill an order, the better. Customers don’t like to wait, so more staff is needed to cover the increase in orders during peak sales. For example, a garden supply company may need more distribution and fulfillment employees during the early growing season than during the offseason. Temporary workers allow them to fill that gap without hiring and laying off traditional employees.

Instead of overworking the fulfillment team they already have, businesses can hire temporary workers who have already been through an application process and vetting. These hourly employees can start quickly, and fundamentally this means getting products delivered more quickly.

Business growth is the goal for almost any product creator. That growth, however, can rapidly become overwhelming and slow the entirety of the supply chain down. Suppose a fulfillment and distribution center isn’t prepared for the scale of the growth. In that case, it can lead to a significant backup leaving customers disappointed. Disappointed customers generally look for somewhere else to shop. Working with a on-demand staffing platform takes the stress off the shoulders of the business owner or managers and means qualified individuals quickly.

β€œStaffing is a simple solution, but if the business growth continues, there are always long-term options as well. Whether temporary, hourly, full-time, or part-time, candidates are chosen by the business. That only happens after they have been through an extensive process to ensure they are qualified and have experienced for the position.” – Said a spokesperson from Upshift staffing platform.

Rather than sorting through what can be thousands of applications for one position, many businesses are finding it more efficient to work with a qualified staffing platform. It saves them the hassle of dealing with the details of the hiring process. Instead, owners and managers can focus primarily on their business growth while ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted supply chain and distribution process.

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Upshift is an on-demand staffing platform in Kansas City that connects businesses and employees. They offer solutions for the food and service industries, the fulfillment and distribution industry, the hospitality industry, and even the manufacturing industry. They have a thorough application process that allows in only the best and most qualified candidates. They can provide temporary, full-time, or part-time employees for a business.

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