Sharing the Unique Properties of Diatomite and the Formation of Structures

Diatomite is a siliceous rock, mainly distributed in China, the United States, Japan, Denmark, France, Romania and other countries. It is a biogenic siliceous sedimentary rock composed mainly of the remains of ancient diatoms. Its chemical composition is mainly SiO2, which can be represented by SiO2•nH2O, and its mineral composition is opal and its variants. The reserves of diatomite in my country are 320 million tons, and the prospective reserves are more than 2 billion tons, mainly concentrated in East China and Northeast China.

Diatomaceous earth is formed by the deposition of the remains of single-celled aquatic plant diatoms. The unique performance of this diatom is that it can absorb free silicon in water to form its skeleton, and when its life is over, it is deposited to form a diatomite deposit under certain geological conditions. Diatomite is a non-metallic mineral whose main chemical composition is amorphous silica (or amorphous opal), accompanied by a small amount of clay impurities and organic matter such as montmorillonite and kaolinite. Under the microscope, diatomite shows various algae shapes with different shapes. The size of a single algae varies from a few microns to tens of microns, and there are many nano-scale pores on the inner and outer surfaces. This is the difference between diatomite and The basic physical characteristics of other non-metallic minerals and the use of diatomite in the industrial field are inseparable from the fundamental characteristics of its microporous structure. Diatomite has special properties such as porous structure, low density, large specific surface area, strong adsorption performance, good suspension performance, stable physical and chemical properties, sound insulation, wear resistance, acid resistance, non-toxicity and tasteless

The technical center of Jilin Yuantong Mine Co., Ltd. now has 42 employees, 18 professional and technical personnel with intermediate and senior titles engaged in the development and research of diatomite, and has more than 20 sets of advanced diatomite special testing instruments at home and abroad. The testing items include Crystalline silicon content, SiO2, A12O3, Fe2O3, TiO2 and other chemical components of diatomite products; product particle distribution, whiteness, permeability, cake density, sieve residue, etc.; trace heavy metal elements such as lead and arsenic required by food safety, Soluble iron ion, soluble aluminum ion, pH value and other items detection.

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