Shantial Dean Releases Shantial’s African Americans, It Was Accomplished

Talented writer and lover of history, Shantial Dean, releases “Shantial’s African Americans, It was Accomplished,” a new book to celebrate the contributions of black men and women in America

Shantial Dean recently published a new book titled Shantial’s African Americans, It was Accomplished, an expository into the efforts of African American men and women in building the America of today. The launch of the book is particularly timely, as February is black history month, with Shantial hoping that the African-American community will be recognized.

History has shown that blacks have contributed immensely to the development of different parts of the world. The situation is not particularly different in the United States of America, with several prominent names attributed to a plethora of life-changing phenomena. Unfortunately, such achievements have not gotten the recognition they deserve, a situation that led to the celebration of black history month. Shantial Dean seeks to shed more light on these achievements and educate younger generations with the release of Shantial’s African Americans, It was Accomplished.

Shantial Dean works with Jennifer Chris as the illustrator, with the duo taking readers on an amazing ride down memory lane. Shantial’s African Americans, It was Accomplished details the inventions of the African-American community, shedding more light on their contributions to modern-day life, particularly in America. The book explores the works of the likes of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his civil rights movement and how Black men and women have changed the course of history across the board, from potato chips to traffic lights as well as the bravery and selflessness of Harriet Tubman in the Underground Railroad.

Shantial’s African Americans, It was Accomplished is currently available on Amazon.

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Shantial Dean is a talented author who loves to read and create very strong details when writing. She is also an advocate of youth empowerment, speaking on several events for the young youth program and using her writing skills to express her feelings about contemporary issues as well as happenings in the past and how they affect the present.

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