Shady Magdy – the Youngest Egyptian Self-Made Millionaire in the Animation Production Industry

A talented animation director & passionate entrepreneur who continues to push boundaries to become the youngest Egyptian self-made millionaire in his field!

Shady Magdy is an Egyptian Senior CGI Animation Director and a 7-figure entrepreneur. He earned his supply chain & logistics management bachelor’s degree in the Arab Academy for Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport, which benefitted him in business and financial management throughout his entrepreneurial journey. Over the years, he has mastered how to become a solution for every challenge, as the word impossible was never an option in his career. This feature has become more evident with the feats achieved as an animation director.

Beginning in 2012, Shady’s entrepreneurial spirit and his vision to find a balance between his passion and his growth as an entrepreneur kept him driven. He started to learn everything related to the filmmaking industry, doing that as a side hustle for three years while pursuing his educational career with the conviction that it would make him a living one day. The self-taught animation director learned the craft through hundreds of online and offline courses as well as ebooks. His efforts yielded results in 2015, earning money as a filmmaker from the photo and video editing industry before shifting focus to the animation production industry. Shady Magdy has been putting in work for nine years and has been able to build his 7-figure empire at the age of 23.

Over the years, his works have spoken for him, directing a couple of animation campaigns for a bunch of significant international and multinational brands around the globe. Shady is the youngest blood in his fully-remote animation production company “Shadmole Productions” and has expressed his gratitude for having a unique, experienced, and well-connected global team that keeps a grip on the company’s pulse. The animation team specializes in turning any distressed project into income-producing, followed by an increase in value and equity.

For further information about Shady Magdy and his animation production company “Shadmole Productions”, visit LinkedIn.

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