Shaddai Inc. Announces the Release of “FIRE: Experience Personal Revival in 21 Days,” by Rennet Premnath

Rennet Premnath’s new book, “FIRE: Experience Personal Revival in 21 Days, is aimed at returning believers to the original status quo of powerful supernatural living

Shaddai Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Rennet Premnath’s new book, which is titled “FIRE: Experience Personal Revival in 21 Days.” The book is aimed at restoring revival to the Body of Christ. It is designed to take the Body of Christ to the normal Christian life, as Jesus first introduced it at the beginning – a life marked by intimacy with God, empowered people, and a deep sense of purpose. This book gives a solution for people to experience an authentic personal revival right in their homes.

“The Christianity that Jesus introduced was a powerful supernatural living, and that is the normal we are talking about,” explained Rennet Premnath. “Modern-Christianity has lived so long in the doldrums of life, following a form of godliness that lacks power, rejecting help from the Helper, the Holy Spirit. We have caved into such unbelief that most of us don’t even measure up to half of an old covenant saint, let alone Jesus Christ. God has given me a mandate to train people to live by the Spirit and that exactly is what we are going to do by the power of God.”

Whether a believer is at the rock-bottom or pursuing more incredible things in God, “FIRE: Experience Personal Revival in 21 Days” will be the gamechanger in any believer’s life. Rennet Premnath has experienced powerful divine visitations that set his life on fire. Amid the prayers and clamor for a great revival, people need to experience personal revival. Throughout church and revival history, it is common to find men and women through whom God has brought revival to the world, and God is still searching for people to revive that would pioneer the next global revival.

Speaking from Scripture and firsthand experience, Rennet reveals important truths and guides the readers through an engaging 21 days journey, positioning them to experience personal revival. He awakens the reader’s mind to the gap experienced between modern and biblical Christianity and provides a practical way to revive the lost fire by resurrecting timeless truths. In the book, readers will discover:

● the glory of the New Covenant,

● the last Adam and the new creation,

● the veil between the Spirit and the soul,

● two important human responses to divine overflow,

● the nature and power of the spirit man, and much more.

The book is now available for download on Shaddai Inc.’s website and Amazon. To download FIRE: Experience Personal Revival in 21 Days by Rennet Premnath, please visit or

About Rennet Premnath

Rennet Premnath is the President and Senior Pastor at Life in Christ Ministries, which focuses on Kingdom expansion through the power of the Holy Spirit to revive nations. He is a worshiper at heart and a songwriter who has a mandate from God to train people to live by the Spirit. Rennet is on a mission to see 1 million lives transformed by 2028 in Jesus’ Name.

For more information, log on to or call 630-697-6335.

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