Settlement Funding Associates Works With Workers’ Compensation Insurance Cases in Jersey City, Cherry Hill, Roseland, Fort Lee, Hackensack, and the Surrounding Areas

Fort Lee, NJ — (ReleaseWire) — 07/18/2022 — Settlement Funding Associates, an advocate for the settlement process with the injured party and its family members, the insurance representative, plaintiff and defense attorneys, works with workers’ compensation insurance cases related to structured settlements in Jersey City, Cherry Hill, Roseland, Fort Lee, Hackensack, and the surrounding areas. About a third of cases end up with a structured settlement instead of a lump sum of money. It is important to understand these kinds of structured settlements and the team at Settlement Funding Associates can help you navigate this process.

When it comes to the different scenarios associated with structured settlements as it relates to workers’ compensation cases, there is almost an unlimited number. The location of the incident or injury could be in a number of places, including at the workplace itself, but could also include business travel, around town doing work-related errands, or attending a mandatory social event with colleagues and clients.

Another set of scenarios includes the cause for the case. It could be from something like slipping and falling down stairs, or it could be a repetitive stress injury that takes a while to develop. Job-related illnesses from exposure to toxic substances over time, or a dangerous health condition. It doesn’t have to happen just at the business location.

Even the fault for the incident can be a variety of reasons, from accidental to the fault of the employee, the fault of the employer, or even a third-party such as a co-worker or possibly a customer. Workers’ compensation cases with structured settlements can be varied.

When a structured settlement is done in these kinds of cases, they help to establish financial security for the injured employee. This can include medical expenses due to surgeries, durable medical equipment, as well as the loss of earnings due to being permanently disabled. This arrangement also helps to keep employees injured off of public assistance since they will have an ongoing stream of income for many years.

Settlement Funding Associates is your trusted partner in structured settlement solutions, including workers’ compensation insurance. They serve Jersey City, Cherry Hill, Roseland, Fort Lee, Hackensack, and the surrounding areas.

About Settlement Funding Associates
Settlement Funding Associates has over 35 years of experience in developing customized structured settlement plans for every type of claim. Visit to learn more about their services.

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