Seth Campbell Launches New Podcast on Leadership and Entrepreneurial Success

Successful businessman and speaker, Seth Campbell, launches The Seth Campbell Podcast to teach others how to lead and grow their business.

Seth Campbell is set to share his wealth of knowledge and experience as an entrepreneur and leader with millions of people across the globe as he officially launches The Seth Campbell Podcast. The show will feature business insights from Seth’s hard learned lessons, as well as in-depth analysis into systems & models from the greatest leaders and companies across industries.

Entrepreneurship has been described by many as the spine of any successful economy. Unfortunately, statistics reveal that roughly 50% of businesses fail to make it to their fifth anniversary, mostly due to poor leadership. Many passionate entrepreneurs have sought to guide others to the path of success but oftentimes the results fall short of the expectations. Where others have lacked real life experience, the correct models and the right level of humility, Seth shines having already helped launch and grow the careers of hundreds.

Seth is an award-winning entrepreneur and a real estate titan. The decision to launch The Seth Campbell Podcast is largely attributed to not only his massive vision and passion for leadership but his genuine love and desire to help others succeed by mastering their own skills and scaling their businesses. The podcast will have weekly episodes where Seth dives into hot topics around leadership models, business tactics and some surprising secrets to becoming a high-level leader that you may not have expected.

While you can anticipate to hear the traditional talk on business relationships, hiring and firing, personal growth, and everything in between – what will be unexpected is Seth’s unedited and blunt take on how these topics really impact your life and business.

The Seth Campbell Podcast is currently available on Apple Podcast and all streaming platforms for listeners worldwide.

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About Seth Campbell

Seth Campbell is a sought-after trainer, speaker, coach and consultant on leadership and business. He is an established pioneer of the real estate industry and has revolutionized how thousands of agents dominate their regions and take territory across the country. He is now continuing his journey by directly supporting the growth of fellow entrepreneurs in and outside of the real estate world with personal coaching and consulting through his newest venture CFE Strategies.

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