Servebolt AS, the next-level high-performance managed hosting with a strong focus on scalability and security, has just made some announcements about new plans, tiered pricing, and refreshed plan specs.

Servebolt’s new plans and pricing model put a greater focus on customization and flexibility while taking advantage of their amazing performance and scalability. The new plans are meant to accelerate the company’s ambitions to move beyond just managed hosting. They offer the flexibility for customers to grow on Servebolt’s platform at their own pace, allowing for a more agile development experience and making powerful features.

Why the New Pricing and Plans Change

“ We wanted to make our pricing simple and fair – predictable and transparent while solving the misconception of our hosting being perceived as expensive. Our competitiveness has increased in all segments, maybe today is the right time to move your site to Servebolt?”

Erlend Eide – CEO @ Servebolt

The combination of fewer plans with the option to add storage and dynamic requests, as well as increasing the PHP memory limit, results in a highly flexible yet still simple and easy-to-understand pricing structure.

The new pricing model will benefit our customers with lower prices and greater flexibility, while the new tiered pricing system will allow for scalability as customers’ needs grow.

More Storage, Lower Prices

Servebolt decided to focus our efforts on adding more long-term value across the board; for both new and existing clients. True to its Scandinavian roots, Servebolt unleashes the power of the concept of less is more. Less money, more storage, and so much more goodies.

All Servebolt plans now have more storage included per dollar spent. On some of the plans, in fact, the amount is doubled! By following this, customers can guarantee peace of mind and ample space for growth.

Servebolt’s New Tiered Pricing Model

Servebolt’s new tiered pricing as an add-on concept puts a greater focus on customization and flexibility. The more storage you buy on any plan, the lower the price per GB it goes.

“The flexibility we provide in this new pricing model is rare in the hosting market, as most other hosting companies have set plans with set contents.”

Thomas Audunhus, COO @ Servebolt

Increasing the number of Dynamic Requests by a few million can prove to be a financially feasible option, particularly when compared to the previous pricing.

About Servebolt: 

Servebolt​ offers hosting with extreme performance, which will make your website or e-commerce store work both better and faster. The company is a technology leader in the area of performant and scalable sites. Just by moving, you can expect to cut your site’s response time in half.

Serbebolt’s premium managed hosting platform provides the performance, reliability, and security required by the biggest brands and agencies in the world while remaining affordable and intuitive for smaller businesses and individuals.

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