Serial Entrepreneur and Financial Consultant Eric Kuvykin Offers a Comprehensive Rundown of Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency

On his blog, Eric Kuvykin shares premium information about finance, and he dedicated a post to resolve the controversy and confusion surrounding the closely related blockchain and cryptocurrency concepts

Since the beginning of the cryptocurrency era, when Bitcoin was launched in 2009, the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries have experienced exponential growth. Today, everyone wants to join in the trend because millions of crypto traders and investors are reckoned to be sitting on many gains. Education before adoption is often recommended, but there is an overwhelming amount of information concerning blockchain and cryptocurrency, making the concepts confusing.

Eric Kuvykin is a consultant that specializes in payment solutions, alternative lending, sales and marketing, architecture, development, and deployment of various technologies, venture capital, and strategic acquisitions in related technology sectors and cryptocurrencies. In a recent blog post on The Difference between Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, Eric explained what the two concepts mean, broke down their differences, and highlighted their similarities.

No one explains it better than the pros in the field. Many people jump right into the fray without knowing how cryptocurrency works or how blockchain technology can transform their business. The flood of misinformation creates more questions than answers – and the world is drowning in a sea of confusion. Eric Kuvykin has used his wealth of experience and years of research to shed light on the cryptocurrency and blockchain phenomenon.

Since 2013, Eric has been interested in blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. He spent the last nine years of his life researching and studying what they are and what they hold for the future of the financial sector. Eric ties the cryptocurrency and blockchain concepts to that of cars on roads for clarity and simplicity. It is a worthy read and undoubtedly what even a fifth-grader will need to understand what cryptocurrency and blockchain are all about perfectly.

The eventual success of cryptocurrency is perhaps inevitable. Businesses can also discover how blockchain can scale their businesses and ensure growth. Eric has drafted a masterpiece showing the basis of both concepts.

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