Senpex Technology Posts Remarkable Growth Stats for Second Quarter of 2023, Including Expanding Last-Mile Logistics Services From 10 to 38 States

By leveraging their innovative technology, which optimizes all aspects of last-mile logistics, Senpex Technology was able to expand from serving 10 states to serving 38 states in less than 90 days.

Exceptional growth was driven in large part by the innovative technology solutions Senpex brings to last-mile logistics, something that will continue to pursue in 2023 and beyond by entering the autonomous vehicle delivery market.

Senpex Technology, a logistics and delivery service that utilizes groundbreaking technology to provide the fastest and most efficient last-mile delivery resource for businesses, announced today the overwhelming success of its recent efforts to expand its business services to a broader market.

“By leveraging our innovative technology, which optimizes all aspects of last-mile logistics, we were able to expand from serving 10 states to serving 38 states in less than 90 days,” says Anar Mammadov, co-founder and CEO of Senpex Technologies. “We are now providing expert last-mile logistics solutions in 669 US cities, including Honolulu, Hawaii, with a solid strategy for offering nationwide coverage by the end of 2023.”

Senpex’s monthly delivery volume also increased dramatically during the second quarter of 2023. Monthly delivery stops now stand at nearly 30,000, which marks a more than 157 percent increase over its first quarter deliveries. B2B corporate deliveries account for 99 percent of completed Senpex deliveries, with 65 percent coming from the food industry, 34 percent coming from the healthcare industry, and the rest being retailers, product manufacturers, wholesalers, and others.

To manage the increased delivery volume, Senpex has expanded its driver base to over 51,000 independent contractors, marking a 17-fold increase compared with the first quarter of 2023. Senpex employed over 3,500 active monthly independent delivery partners in July 2023, marking a 500 percent increase over the previous quarter.

The recent growth Senpex has experienced is driven in large part by businesses embracing its industry-leading API solution. Senpex API allows companies to integrate proven logistics capabilities with 56 different e-commerce marketplaces and platforms, including Shopify and WooCommerce. Since 2023, Senpex has managed over 151,000 orders via its API engine, which accounts for 65 percent of its business volume. During the same period, over 77,000 orders were initiated via its web interface.  

Within the next 12 months, Senpex will add autonomous EV integration products to its current offerings, including Delivery as a Service (DaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). This new line of services will bring together the latest technology solutions to provide clients with optimization solutions for autonomous courier robot vehicles.

“We see huge potential in the autonomous vehicle industry for driving new levels of efficiency in last-mile logistics,” Mammadov says. “We have already signed official partnerships with vendors in the autonomous vehicle industry who are exploring the ways Senpex technology can support their growth strategies.”

Senpex’s list of clients includes EZCater, Stanford, Samsung, Local Kitchen, Restaurant Depot, Garten, and others. In recent months, many car dealerships, including Serramonte Subaru, Serremonte Volkswagen, Fremont Mazda and others, have begun using Senpex’s Transportation Management Software to optimize their last mile logistics process. 

Last-mile logistics is one of the most in-demand and costly services in today’s global marketplace, with e-commerce needs driving the volume of deliveries higher on a daily basis. Senpex was established in 2017 to provide a more reliable and cost-effective solution for the growing number of businesses seeking to provide on-demand delivery. One of the keys to Senpex’s success has been leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to bring heightened levels of efficiency to delivery routing, customer service, and driver management automation.

About Senpex

Senpex is an on-demand delivery platform specialized in providing last-mile logistics services via mobile apps, All-in One Smart Portal, and Advanced Senpex API – (a customized integrated delivery option) that automates logistics needs and helps businesses to scale businesses to new locations. Senpex’s AI-based framework enables its technology to deploy a unique set of custom parameters for each corporate client, providing personalized solutions that make shipping more affordable and convenient for businesses of all sizes.

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