SellerSonar Launches Monitoring Software to Protect Amazon Listings and Profits

SellerSonar launched the software for Amazon sellers that monitors ASINs to hijackers, listing changes, product suppressions, and more.

SellerSonar, the Amazon Tracker Software for sellers, just launched the latest version of their tool. SellerSonar protects sellers’ listings, online reputation and provides the tools sellers need to fight back against black-hat competitors.

Amazon has become an undisputed leader in online shopping with 150.6 million mobile users monthly. And the marketplace continues to grow. Currently, Amazon has 9.7 million sellers worldwide, of which 1.9 million are actively selling on the marketplace. 

Every year, more than a million sellers worldwide start selling on Amazon. In the first quarter of 2021, 283,000 sellers have joined the marketplace. If this pace continues, Amazon will have 1.4 million new sellers this year.

In such a crowded market, seller competition is fierce. Unfortunately, dirty tricks and fraudulent actions have become a common thing on Amazon. Without you even knowing it, competitors can damage your sales along with your seller’s reputation.

There are numerous ways that competitors can use to harm your Amazon business. For example, they can hijack your listings, take over the Buy Box, change your product description, post fake negative reviews, and even downvote your positive reviews. These malicious actions can significantly drop sales and even lead to a seller’s account suspension.

You can’t stop fraudulent sellers from trying to harm your success. But you can negate these actions as quickly and effectively as possible by monitoring your listings and getting instant notifications of any unexpected changes. This is where SellerSonar comes in.

SellerSonar can monitor Amazon listings and seller accounts for many different changes, such as:

Title, image, bullet points, and description changes
Product category and sub-category changes 
New negative reviews, upvoted negative reviews or deleted reviews
Product star-rating changes
Product listing suppression or suspension
A new seller on the listing or a new seller winning the Buy Box
Best Seller badge and Amazon Choice badge changes
Product search ranking, keyword rankings history, and BSR changes
Low FBA inventory level
Price changes and competing sellers price changes

If you are an Amazon seller, it’s the best time to sign up to SellerSonar and start monitoring your ASINs. At the moment, SellerSonar offers a 90-day free trial for any of its subscription plans. After the trial ends, you can create your custom plan with individual pricing.

SellerSonar is an Amazon monitoring software that monitors ASINS to hijackers, listing changes, product suppressions, bad reviews, removed reviews, and more. Having such Amazon seller software is essential for Amazon sellers to automate the routine tasks to save time for their Amazon business development.

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