Secret Coffee Club for NFT Holders

Mad Mornings (MM) Creature is a new NFT that wants to do more than just build an NFT/ metaverse community. It wants to take the community to the next level and has some very big plans.

The round lovable creatures that control moods in the morning is what the NFT collection is centred around. Each creature will have different characteristics and personalities.

There will be 3 to 10 releases of each character released. The founder Jefe described wanting the creatures to be pets in the metaverse. Aligning and collaborating with other games and worlds you have the option to walk around with your MM creature. In some games, the creatures may even help you fight!

He describes it as your virtual pokemon. Wanting to develop each character to have a special power type but even more a companion you have through the metaverse. A little creature that joins you on your adventure and journey through the new world.

However, the road map shows that ‘Mad Morning creatures’ want to get creative in the coffee industry as well. The NFT creator will be launching a site where you can purchase crazy coffee and related merch. To access the site you will need to buy an MM NFT. 10,000 of the Mad Morning Coins will be released which will cost 0.01eth (19.92 GBP) and will let you have access to the unique and crazy coffee flavours, merch and opportunities for unique NFTs. With every coin purchased, you will also be awarded a branded collapsible coffee mug.

There will be a limited amount of coins that will be released to get access to the Mad Mornings Coffee World but Mad Mornings want to give 1000 away for free. They will soon release a way of getting the coin on their twitter soon.

Follow their twitter @MMCreatures or check their website out to be on the whitelist at

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