Sebayt Holdings Set to Launch Their Debut NFT Collection

Innovative financial solutions company, Sebayt Holdings, announce the launch of Sebayt NFT their NFT collection of 10,000 exclusive pieces.

The team at Sebayt Holdings has again reiterated their commitment to bringing financial freedom to as many people as possible across the globe, as the company recently announced plans to launch their NFT collection – Sebayt Holdings Token. The move is particularly laudable as it shows the diversity of the company in offering a hybrid platform that includes different instruments forms traditional investing, such as real estate, and digital assets like crypto.

With the creation of this NFT, Sebayt Holdings will provide a major boost in the financial freedom to the holders. The perks of this NFT shall be:

Monthly airdrops to registered users

A future newsletter with details in the various markets that Sebayt Holdings follows to provide additional financial freedom
A Discord Server to provide a community of like-minded investors to stimulate ideas and create a sounding board for various investment ideas

50% of sales will go to the in the Sebayt Charitable Fund

With every NFT sold, a portion will be kept in a liquidity pool to provide future airdrops

The NFTs are limited and will be the only ones ever created by the company. Consequently, holders can be sure of a significant appreciation in the value of the digital assets, making them a fantastic investment option for holders. They will be sold in blocks of 1000, with a cap at 10,000 NFTs. With the increasing price of each, the airdrop will be raised in proportion.

With the global crypto market set to rise in the next years, this is an opportunity to provide stability given the unpredictability of the crypto market.

The roadmap has been released and available for viewing, for it is your decision in the end. Here at Sebayt Holdings, we are working towards providing the environment for everyone to become financially free and have the ability to create their own path. You may see the NFT @ 90% Off and if there is none left the next sale is @ 80% off.

To Being Financially Free!

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