SculptureStuff Allows Customers to Creatively Improve Their Home Decor With Unique Handcrafted Candles

The woman-owned modern home decor boutique produces vegan handcrafted candles, made of 100% wax, including artistic body candles and seasonal decor items

SculptureStuff is delighted to announce that people who are searching for new ideas to improve the beauty and ambience of their homes, can try out its unique handcrafted candles, as alternatives to the overly rigid stereotypical home decor options.

The woman-owned, modern home decor boutique, produces vegan handcrafted candles completely made of wax, and shaped according to a variety of aesthetically pleasing designs.

According to the brand’s founder, Dina, the handcrafted candles sold on the company’s online store, allow people the opportunity to creatively show off their personality, as well as their individuality.

In addition to being self-expression tools, SculptureStuff handcrafted candles can also be used in many visualization exercises and manifestation techniques, that involve focusing on a flame and sending one’s intentions into the universe.

Operating out of her home studio in Los Angeles, California, Dina founded SculptureStuff in 2021, while on a work vacation. The talented candle maker says she was inspired by the desire to create something aesthetically pleasing and has promised that customers will feel the love and attention fused into the making of each candle.

“I began my journey during the lockdown of 2021 where, like many of us, I experienced first-hand the importance of being surrounded by things that enrich and encourage us in our day to day lives, especially in our home. SculptureStuff was inspired by a love of aesthetics and a desire to create.” 

From artistic body candles to seasonal decor items, as well as customised candles made with contemporary design inspirations, SculptureStuff offers an impressive collection of candles sure to please even the most exquisite of tastes. Subcategories on its online store include realistic fruit candles, torso candles, real talk candles, etc.

While much of its business in the past year has come from local craft shows and pop-up markets in the Los Angeles area, SculptureStuff currently displays its amazing handcrafted candles on its online store, and ships to customers all over the world.

SculptureStuff insists that its exceptionally made candles are the perfect gift ideas for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, retirement and so much more. Anyone interested in checking out the brand’s amazing collection can visit its website to browse through the categories.

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